Technical consultations

The benefits of dietary supplements are increasingly recognized by international health sector agencies such as EFSA Europe, CRN, FDA and many others.

We offer in this section the answers to the questions sent to us by customers and consumers. These are posted for informational purposes only and with no intention to prescribe or replace the advice of a health professional.

Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

> Lamberts producs are luten free?

“I need to know if this product that you sell is completely gluten-free or not, because that is not indicated to be exempt of it or trace. It is to be sure that I can consume it without risk. Vitamin C sustained release 1000 mg / 180 tablets.

R / Lamberts Española and Lamberts Healthcare policy is to label what the product contains, both active ingredients as manufacturing, such as allergens. The legislation is not obligated to announce that “”it contains no gluten””, but to declare it. Also declare all possible allergens, if any. Therefore, any product from LAMBERTS ® does not indicating that it contains gluten, you can rest easy because there is not gluten on it.”

> What are sustained-release preparations?

What are sustained-release preparations?
R/ Formulas or sustained-release preparations consist of normally a plot that will release the substance gradually in the area of absorption, rather than release the content at once. This is important in the case of the Ginkgo, because certain doses to make their function can cause headaches in sensitive individuals. This means that the effect is more durable trough the time.
The vitamins B group is different and each chosen form will provide better bioavailability and safety as well as that fits better to the formulation set. In each package is indicated

> LAMBERTS ® Mineral Complexes and their bioavailability

“I’d like to know if your mineral complexes are bioavailable.”
R/ In all formulations Lamberts Española chooses the form of nutrients that provide the best bioavailability or absorption. Bioavailability means that the body can use the ingredients of a product, if they were not bioavailable would not exercise any function in the body. In addition, as we say, we choose the best ways for the organism, which exert better effect with safety.

> Excipients origin of the LAMBERTS® Milk Thistle.

“I’d like to make an enquiry about excipients on LAMBERTS® Milk Thistle 90 tablets. In particular I have special interest in knowing if any of the excipients of this product are of animal origin; more specifically I would like to know if magnesium stearate used as one of the excipients of this product is of vegetable or animal origin.”

R/ In Lamberts Española all products that carry the designation “Suitable for vegetarians” is because they do not contain any ingredient (active or not) of animal origin Probioguard ® would be most suitable for trips to places where hygiene surely will not be the same as here, in as to standards of safety, possible infections or infestations, etc.

Ácidophilus Extra 10 would be more appropriate when there is a significant deterioration of the intestinal flora for the uses of antibiotics, laxatives, gastroenteritis, etc. It is also worth to travel, but do not have the same strains as the previous.

> Co-enzyme Q-10 30 mg is free of allergens?

I’d like to know if your Co-enzyme Q-10 30 mg is free of allergens. Because I see that it has among its ingredients modified starch and this can sometimes be a hidden source of gluten. R/ All Lamberts Española products describe on their labels if there is any allergen such as wheat, gluten, barley, soybeans, eggs, milk and derivatives, lactose, nuts, etc. The product has on its label everything that contains, therefore, you can know if allergic to any ingredient. Modified starch is starch structure. If any gluten would be present it must be indicated. Some people develop or have an allergy to specific foods or individual ingredient. Reading the label you will now if there are some potential allergens for you. In short: everything that is in the product is on the label

> Can be combined Multi-Guard® Osteo Advance with Omega 3,6,9?

“Can be combined Multi-Guard® Osteo Advance with Omega 3,6,9 and Collagen with Hyaluronic Acid?”

R/ Combining Multi-Guard® Osteo Advance with Omega 3,6,9 fatty acids is perfect. If you want to make another combination, it will depend a bit on what you wish, or if there is something rather than trying to prevent. But in principle it is a good choice.

To help repair the collagen and thus the entire body collagen matrix (ligaments, vessels, tendons … I understand your question may be due to joint issues) Colladeen® Derma plus (skin) and Colladeen® Maximum Strength (general).

In LAMBERTS® there is not any specific product containing hyaluronic acid. Collagen and elastine are cares by providing specific amino acids and substances involved in their synthesis as (glucosamine/chondroitin), as well as protective and restoratives substances as Colladeen.

> Why Omega 3,6,9 from LAMBERTS® contains Vitamin D instead of Vitamin E?

“I want to know why the Omega 3,6,9 LAMBERTS® contains Vitamin D instead of Vitamin E.”

R/ Vitamin D has an important effect on the skin, fighting certain infections, and thus complements the action of the three types of fatty acids.

Furthermore studies have shown that improve the function of Omega 3 in the nervous system: i.e. the D3 association with fatty acids, as it seeks to supplement omega 3, 6 and 9 and therefore have a more global action.

> LAMBERTS® Sports Range and the GMOs.

“I work with your products and some customers have asked me if any of them, especially the Sports products, contain GMOs. So I would like you to inform me about this to recommend them with confidence.”
R/ In Europe it is mandatory to write on the label if there are GMOs, so you will not find it on the products trade by Lamberts Espanola because our products do not contain them. Otherwise it must be on the label.