Technical consultations

The benefits of dietary supplements are increasingly recognized by international health sector agencies such as EFSA Europe, CRN, FDA and many others.

We offer in this section the answers to the questions sent to us by customers and consumers. These are posted for informational purposes only and with no intention to prescribe or replace the advice of a health professional.

Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

Technical questions from our customers, and answered by our expert technicians


Titanium dioxide

I was about to buy Maxi Hair, but I saw it contains titanium dioxide. It is as harmful as it says?…I thought that Lamberts did not use this component in their products. I am waiting for your news.

R/ Thank you for contacting us at Lamberts Española. While you question the use of titanium dioxide, we provide you information that I think will be have interest to you and for your peace of mind.

The excipients or inactive ingredients used by Lamberts Healthcare in the manufacture of LAMBERT® products are completely safe, natural and are approved by the Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain.

Also should you know that are used in minimal quantities to ensure manufacturing and most of them are not absorbed by the organism when it comes of large molecules, how is the case of titanium dioxide. Herewith you can see attached the list of inactive ingredients that contain our products and their features. The manufacture of the products does not use hazardous excipients as aspartame, or sodium glutamate.

Also in regards to active nutrients, these are the highest degree of purity available and are tested before being used to detect dangerous agents how aflatoxin, antibiotics, genetically modified ingredients, preservatives biocides, microbiological contaminants, irradiated ingredients, heavy metal, polychlorinated biphenyls, cyclic poly aromatic hydrocarbons, pesticides. The manufacture of the products is made following the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), stricter quality control that exists and that many other nutritional supplements on the market do not use. Anyway you can continue consuming our products with complete peace of mind.

A celiac could take the LAMBERTS® Green Coffee extract?

A celiac could take the LAMBERTS® Green Coffee extract?
R/ On the label you can absolutely find all the ingredients, including the declaration of potentially allergenic components, if this is the case. This means that if the product would have traces or gluten content, it would be declared on the label, for your peace of mind. Note the ingredients; you will see that it does not contain gluten.

Does Green Coffee extracts helps to lose weight?

“Does Green Coffee Extract help to lose weight?” A/ This product is designed for people who follow a calorie-controlled weight loss diet. LAMBERTS® does not usually provide supplements to lose weight, however the data supporting the validity of the extract of green coffee are interesting enough to include this product in our product range.”

Is the PMG Betaine the same as the Betaine of LAMBERTS ®?

An elite professional has ordered to us Betaína PMG. Is it the same as our Betaine?.

R/ In Biochemistry and natural sciences in general PMG can mean several words in regarding with Betaine, I am afraid that it is a brand that really I don’t know here in our country, I know it, as a brand, in Eastern countries. The Betaine of Lamberts Healthcare is of the highest quality and purity (which can be one of the possible meanings PMG). Assuming it refers to a brand of Asian countries, it is possible here not be achieved.

When referring to “elite” professional I want to interpret it that refers to an athlete. In any case, I suggest you offer our product when you are sure that the athlete does not have any position of contraindications or problems of hyperacidity and heartburn. Athletes use them in their training, but it is important to make sure that he has not gastritis or digestive problem taking it correctly as shown in the container.

What concentration has the LAMBERTS® Milk Thistle?

What concentration has the LAMBERTS® Milk Thistle?

R/ Each tablet of Lamberts Healthcare’s Milk Thistle contains the equivalent to 8.580 mg of seeds of milk thistle that provide 200 mg of Silymarin, which is the most prominent ingredient and that tells us the degree of action and the action power.

L-Carnitine does not contain caffeine

“Does LAMBERTS ® L-carnitine has caffeine? A/ No, Lamberts Healthcare product is pure L-carnitine, so that you can combine it with other products depending on the effect that is sought. To lose weight?. You could combine it with Green Coffee. The daily dose is well indicated in each container, the label accurately reflects the content in active substances.”

The product A-Z can be taken by a diabetic?

The product A-Z can be taken by a diabetic?

R/ A diabetic can take the product; it does not contain any source of glucose, as you can see on the label. However, the question surprises me, perhaps refers to any other more specific question. If desired please specify more your question.

Does the Betaine cause heartburn?

A client cannot swallow pills and it takes all crushed. Taking it crushed she tells me that she feels burning in the throat and that she could not take it. Can the cause of the burning be for being crushed?

R/ Many people uses to swallow crushed something that is ready to open in the stomach and they notice the taste of ingredients which is not always nice, and this can be perceived as irritation, (not necessarily as burning), but the Betaine personally I think first it would be better swallow it whole and secondly, to know if really needed. On the other hand, when you say crushed would it mean pulverized? It is very acidic, I repeat, I wouldn’t. Another thing is to cut into pieces and swallow-reaching the stomach ready to work, but “crushing, or pulverizing”, I would not…Unfortunately people sometimes have different words for the same thing.

Hair loss and bones

“Can you recommend me something for the hair loss and arthrosis and bones?

A / For the issues you request, the specific product for hair loss is Florisene®. For Arthrosis and bones there are several options depending on whether or not there is osteoporosis, pain, etc. Given the generality of your question we can recommend Multiguard® OsteoAdvance, and thus covers all the necessary nutrients.”

Underestanding extract proportions in Lamberts products

“I don’t understand this relationship. On the jar appears 6,000 mg, but the nutritional facts declare: 120 mg of an extract 50:1.”

A / The accounts are made in the following way: A 50:1 extract means that each 1 mg of extract is equivalent to 50 mg of the whole herb. Then, by a rule of three: concentrate (extract) 120 mg amount a: 120 x 50 = 6,000 mg of the whole product without concentration. Rather than having 6,000 mg not concentrated there are 120 mg of concentrated that occupy less and are equivalent.”

Tell me about your Sport Range

“What product from the Sport Range would be desirable for Fitness?. Do it All in One? A /All in All in OneOne is a great choice to have supplemented all that is important. On the other hand, the bars are very handy when you want to have some “”snack”” in the morning or evening, or when we do not have much time to eat properly; better than eat poorly is to take these bars. Thus also your effort in the gym and diet is supported.”

Can I open the Choline 200 mg / Inositol 200 mg capsule and take the inside contain?

Can I take the Hill capsule 200 mg/Inositol 200 mg by opening the capsule and taking it from the inside?

R/ After assessing your question, I mention that you can open the capsule and swallow the contents. It is important to know that LAMBERTS® produces capsules or tablets of ergonomic shape to facilitate that they can swallow well. However, there is also an option that is the B-100 complex, even though it contains Choline and Inositol 100 mg of each; but you can chop it and this product contains the entire b group.

Which of our products are alkalizing?

Which of our products are alkalizing? R/ Generally calcium and magnesium are minerals that most to counteract the acidity. However, there are various options depending on if you want to act on a particular tissue. MagAsorb®in this sense may be a general option. If it is joint-bone matter: Osteoguard®.  If it is digestive: Aloe Vera.

Lamberts® turmeric is as Phytosome?

“I’d like to know if the LAMBERTS ® curcuma is as Phytosome.

R / indeed, there need to be phytosome related to isolated Curcumin and not to turmeric. LAMBERTS ®, Turmeric (Curcuma) has a high bioavailability of all active ingredients, including Curcumin containing 95%. In this way, to the dossage recomended you can see beneficial effects in very short period of time.”

Is our Silica from organic bamboo?

Is our Silica from organic bamboo? R/ Organic silica is the one that comes from a plant source and therefore the Silica that comes from bamboo is organic and bioavailable. This last feature is what counts when assessing their readiness to achieve results

Is LAMBERTS ® Iodine organic?

Is LAMBERTS ® Iodine organic?
R/ LAMBERTS ® Iodine comes from vegetables, and is of organic origin. There’s no pollutants, no heavy metals.

Can a diabetic take Eliminex ®?

Can a diabetic take Eliminex ®?

R/ Eliminex® can be used by people with diabetes, since it is a soluble fiber not absorbable by the body, not raises blood glucose levels. In fact, this is one of the great advantages of this product also, can help to decrease the levels of fat in blood if they are elevated. The container describes in detail how to use it. Follow the instructions, some gases at the beginning is indicative that the product is working and the intestinal flora is repopulated.

Does Lamberts has essentials aminoacids and branched-chain aminoacids?

“We were looking for essential and branched-chain amino acids,if possible in a same formula or otherwise separately, we have seen that you have branched but we have not found essential. Do you have them? “

A / You can choose any of the amino acids of the LAMBERTS ® range that comes individually, combining them if it is necessary, either, for example, choose a supplement with a concentrated pea protein, PEA PROTEIN, powder. PEA PROTEIN, also contains all the essential amino acids and other amino acids, and combines with all kinds of food.”

Does Zinc Plus contains honey?

“I was looking your presentations and I’ve noticed that the Zinc Plus Lozenges (8284-100)  has honey and vitamin B2. In the Vademecum and in the container do not specify it. Does it really have it?

A / The honey present on the product is as flavor (natural flavour), is not honey as an active ingredient. What it has as active ingredient is propolis. Zinc P Lozenges is to help the throat, or on situactions of infections of the upper respiratory tract, because they are tablets to suck.”

Lamberts producs are luten free?

“I need to know if this product that you sell is completely gluten-free or not, because that is not indicated to be exempt of it or trace. It is to be sure that I can consume it without risk. Vitamin C sustained release 1000 mg / 180 tablets. R / Lamberts Española and Lamberts Healthcare policy is to label what the product contains, both active ingredients as manufacturing, such as allergens. The legislation is not obligated to announce that “”it contains no gluten””, but to declare it. Also declare all possible allergens, if any. Therefore, any product from LAMBERTS ® does not indicating that it contains gluten, you can rest easy because there is not gluten on it.”

What are sustained-release preparations?

What are sustained-release preparations?
R/ Formulas or sustained-release preparations consist of normally a plot that will release the substance gradually in the area of absorption, rather than release the content at once. This is important in the case of the Ginkgo, because certain doses to make their function can cause headaches in sensitive individuals. This means that the effect is more durable trough the time.
The vitamins B group is different and each chosen form will provide better bioavailability and safety as well as that fits better to the formulation set. In each package is indicated

LAMBERTS ® Mineral Complexes and their bioavailability

“I’d like to know if your mineral complexes are bioavailable.” R/ In all formulations Lamberts Española chooses the form of nutrients that provide the best bioavailability or absorption. Bioavailability means that the body can use the ingredients of a product, if they were not bioavailable would not exercise any function in the body. In addition, as we say, we choose the best ways for the organism, which exert better effect with safety.

Excipients origin of the LAMBERTS® Milk Thistle.

“I’d like to make an enquiry about excipients on LAMBERTS® Milk Thistle 90 tablets. In particular I have special interest in knowing if any of the excipients of this product are of animal origin; more specifically I would like to know if magnesium stearate used as one of the excipients of this product is of vegetable or animal origin.”

R/ In Lamberts Española all products that carry the designation “Suitable for vegetarians” is because they do not contain any ingredient (active or not) of animal origin

Which are the uses of Probioguard® and Lactobacillus Acidophilus products?

“Which are the uses of Probioguard® and Lactobacillus Ácidophilus products?”

While both products appear to be similar, Probioguard ® would be most suitable for trips to places where hygiene surely will not be the same as here, in as to standards of safety, possible infections or infestations, etc.

Ácidophilus Extra 10 would be more appropriate when there is a significant deterioration of the intestinal flora for the uses of antibiotics, laxatives, gastroenteritis, etc. It is also worth to travel, but do not have the same strains as the previous.

Co-enzyme Q-10 30 mg is free of allergens?

I’d like to know if your Co-enzyme Q-10 30 mg is free of allergens. Because I see that it has among its ingredients modified starch and this can sometimes be a hidden source of gluten. R/ All Lamberts Española products describe on their labels if there is any allergen such as wheat, gluten, barley, soybeans, eggs, milk and derivatives, lactose, nuts, etc. The product has on its label everything that contains, therefore, you can know if allergic to any ingredient. Modified starch is starch structure. If any gluten would be present it must be indicated. Some people develop or have an allergy to specific foods or individual ingredient. Reading the label you will now if there are some potential allergens for you. In short: everything that is in the product is on the label