Technical consultations

The benefits of dietary supplements are increasingly recognized by international health sector agencies such as EFSA Europe, CRN, FDA and many others.

We offer in this section the answers to the questions sent to us by customers and consumers. These are posted for informational purposes only and with no intention to prescribe or replace the advice of a health professional.

Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

Difference amongst products made from Turmeric.

I would like to know what is the difference amongst your products made from Turmeric.

R) At Lamberts we have 4 formulations whose main component is Turmeric. They are:

Turmemoric (Code 8541), Quick Release Turmeric (Code 8548), Turmeric 20 000mg (Code 8571) and Curcumin Ultra (Code 8590). The main differences between them lie in the concentration of their extracts and in the disintegration time of their tablets.

Turmemoric: This formula provides, for 2 tablets 200 mg of turmeric extract with 95% curcumin, combined with 10 mg of lutein, which is one of the most important carotenoids in the diet, as well as zeaxanthin, rosemary, vitamin B12 and Zinc. We include rosemary as an extract to preserve the active components. Vitamin B12 is present for its useful contribution to normal neurological and psychological functions. Zinc also plays an important role in the product by assisting normal cognitive function. This is easy to differentiate because it has other nutrients in its composition.

Quick Release Turmeric: Providing 200 mg of turmeric extract with 95% curcumin per 1 tablet. The tablets in this formulation are fast release, since they disintegrate between 15 and 30 minutes to achieve faster absorption by the body.

These tablets have been specifically formulated using a cellulose matrix that dissolves quickly in contact with moisture, helping them to disintegrate in the intestine more quickly and facilitating a more dynamic absorption of the nutrient.

Turmeric 20,000 mg: This presentation provides 500 mg of turmeric extract per 1 tablet with 95% curcuminoids or curcumin and the disintegration time is less than 1 hour.

Curcumin Ultra: This product provides 500 mg of Curcuwin per 1 tablet through a technically advanced turmeric extract that has been specially prepared to considerably increase its absorption from the digestive system. It is manufactured using patented UltraSOL ™ technology. This is a molecular dispersion process, it improves the bioavailability of poorly absorbed nutrients and increases the dispersion of fat-soluble ingredients in water. Disintegration time is less than 1 hour.


Maxi-Hair® tablets compatible with breastfeeding

I am losing a lot of hair as a result of postpartum, so I would like to know if there are any contraindications with Maxi-Hair® tablets while breastfeeding.

R) Lamberts® states on its product labels all ingredients, both active and inactive (excipients), and possible allergens in bold. It is legally mandatory to reflect on the labels of any product the possible allergens that contain it and the precautions, that is why we faithfully reflect the composition of the product on the label.

The Maxi-Hair® product does not put a contraindication for pregnant or lactating women. Find the label link here for more information: Maxi-Hair® 

Osteoguard ADVANCE correct dose

I was taking two Osteoguard tablets a day, for about two months I have switched to Osteoguard ADVANCE tablets and continue to take two tablets. The question that arises is because I saw an article that says that an Osteoguard ADVANCE tablet contains 250 mg of calcium and an Osteoguard tablet contains 500 mg of calcium. I would like to know the exact equivalence that I should take of Osteoguard ADVANCE so that it is equivalent to the two Osteoguard tablets that I took previously.

R/ If you want to reach the calcium level provided by 2 Osteoguard® tablets, you would have to take 4 Osteoguard® Advance. Magnesium intake would double to 500 mg (which is still at an acceptable intake level). However, the dose of vitamin K2 would go from 90 µg to 180 µg, which exceeds the recommended daily dose so we cannot advise you to double the intake of the Osteoguard® Advance product.

Remember that food supplements are not drugs, even though we find them in tablet or capsule forms, but rather necessary nutrients, which in many cases we cannot adequately acquire from a regular diet, but since they are concentrated healthy substances, They collaborate optimally completing our individual nutritional requirements and that intervene in numerous chemical processes in the body, helping in many health disorders. The dose should be as indicated on the product label or directed by a health professional who handles the case in a personalized way.

Vitamins C: absortion, remain in the body and integration in cellular metabolism

I would like information about the non-acidic vitamins C and the sustained-release vitamin C ascorbic acid, which is better absorbed, which remains in the body longer and which participates and is better integrated in cellular metabolism.

R) To answer your question it is necessary to analyze all forms of vitamin C available in supplement form.

Ascorbic acid is the form of vitamin C that is found naturally in food. It has good bioavailability, but some people find it too acidic in the gut and cannot tolerate high doses.

Mineral ascorbates such as calcium magnesium ascorbate are often referred to as “buffered” vitamin C. Many people consider them to be milder forms of vitamin C that are better tolerated by the intestines and stomach. However, it is important to consider the accompanying mineral dosage (calcium, magnesium, etc.) when taking higher levels. Clinical trials have shown that calcium ascorbate was better absorbed and therefore was present at higher plasma levels than ascorbic acid.

Ester-C® is a proprietary form of vitamin C (primarily calcium ascorbate) that has been shown to be well absorbed and tolerated in the intestine like other mineral ascorbates. In their literature, the manufacturers claim that metabolites, especially threonate, increase the bioavailability of vitamin C in this product, and they indicate that they have conducted a human study demonstrating increased bioavailability of vitamin C.

Extended-release vitamin C is often the preferred option, as vitamin C has better bioavailability when taken in smaller doses throughout the day. A time-release formula aims to solve this problem without taking multiple tablets, releasing vitamin C slowly throughout the day. Additionally, studies have shown that ascorbic acid, combined with citrus bioflavonoids, is more bioavailable than the synthetic form of ascorbic acid alone. Bioflavonoids increase the bioavailability of Vitamin C by 35%. The addition of Rosehip in the product further increases its bioavailability.

Omega 3 in sea buckthorn

How much omega 3 does sea buckthorn contain? In the formulary it says that it contains omega 3, 6, 9 but I don’t understand it. Can you clarify it for me please.

R/ Sea buckthorn berries are one of the richest fruits in vitamin C, they are also rich in vitamins A, E, B1, K, mucilage, carotenoids, organic acids, minerals (iron and potassium), antioxidants (flavonoids and anthocyanins) and It is a natural source of omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids. However, omega 7 (palmitoleic) is the predominant one.

Although it is a vegetable source of omega 3 (this is what makes it suitable for vegetarians and vegans), the product is not considered a supplement of omega 3 but of omega 7 (that is why the contribution in other fatty acids or other aforementioned compounds that are part of its chemical composition).Omega 7 is present in sea buckthorn oil in a proportion of 28%, and it is with which most of the clinical studies have been done. This gives them a very beneficial action on the hydration and regeneration of the skin and mucous membranes.

MSM compatible with sulfonamide allergy

I have purchased a container of the MSM , and I am allergic to sulfonamide. I can take it? Is it incompatible with my allergy?

R) There is a tendency to confuse MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane) with sulfa drugs or to believe that they are similar compounds due to the phonetic proximity between them when nothing is further from the truth.

A sulfonamide is a synthetic, broad-spectrum, bacteriostatic, sulfonamide-derived chemical. Sulfa drugs are used as antibiotics, antiparasitics, and coccidiostats in the treatment of infectious diseases. On the contrary, MSM is a form of organic sulfur required by the body for the maintenance of healthy connective tissues, for proper enzymatic function and hormonal balance, together with an adequate functioning of the immune system. Our MSM LAMBERTS® is a pure form of this compound and is safe to take long term. It is made in the United Kingdom under strict GMP pharmaceutical manufacturing standards and is suitable for vegans and vegetarians since it is of natural origin and is extracted from the birch tree.

Sweetener in the Energy Drink

Why do you use sweetener in the Energy Drink product?

R/The sweetener used in this product is Sucralose and its purpose is to contribute to a better taste. The purpose of using Sucralose is to avoid natural sugars, and when we talk about natural sweeteners they are generally: coconut sugar, honey, maple syrup and molasses that could not be used in the formulation of a powdered drink.

Also, most sports users are looking for a sugar-free product. The EFSA approved the health claims on Sucralose, among others, in relation to oral health and the control of blood sugar levels, so it has been selected for its ability to help control blood sugar levels. of sugar.

Good conditions for opened products

I had left an open vitamin bottle (High potency. Multi Guard) in the drawer two or three months ago. I have taken them again, I guess there is no problem. Do they hold in good open condition for a few months?

In LAMBERTS® products, the expiration date suggested on the label indicates that from the same date the product begins to lose the potency indicated on the label, either in milligrams or international units, but not that it is harmful (provided that has been stored as directed on the label).

If the product that you refer to, even if it has been open, is not expired, and has been stored correctly, there is no problem with the effectiveness of the content and you may take it.

Candaway gluten free?

 My doctor has prescribed your Candaway product to me, but I don’t see where on your website it is indicated if this, or any other product, is suitable for celiacs? Can you please give me this information.

R/ Candaway is gluten free. I copy / paste the information you are looking for so that you can see where it is on our website. When you enter the product, you must look for “Other Information”. However, Lamberts® declares on the labels of its products all the ingredients, both active and inactive (excipients), and possible allergens in bold. It is legally mandatory to reflect on the labels of any product the possible allergens that contain it, that is why when a LAMBERTS® product has it in its composition, it describes it on the label.

Example of products that contain possible allergens and put it on the label: Phosphatidyl Serine (contains soy), Complete Glucosamine (contains shellfish), Complete Gainer (contains gluten, milk and soy), Whey Protein. No Flavor or Aroma (Contains milk and soy. Made in a factory that uses: cereals).


Ascorbic acid origin and excipients

I would like to know if this product: Vitamin C in the form of ascorbic acid – 250g powder is obtained from corn and if it has any type of excipients or anti-caking agents.

R/ Currently the source of our vitamin C is achieved through fermentation, which provides a chemical structure identical to vitamin C found in food. The forms of vitamin C that we have in the Lamberts® range are produced from an ascorbic acid base, and the ascorbic acid is synthetically produced from a glucose starter (this could be corn or beets, Non-GM).

Vitamin C can appear in the following forms: Ascorbic Acid, Magnesium Ascorbate, Sodium Ascorbate, Calcium Ascorbate, Ester C, Gentle C, Ascorbyl Palmitate.

At Lamberts we use high purity or pharmaceutical grade nutrients. Grade Bp (British Pharmacopoeia) or USP grade (United States Pharmacopoeia), and the natural ingredients that are used in its preparation are the best. These go through a routine chemical analysis process to detect undesirable substances that could contaminate the product at the time of production. We try to avoid unnecessary additives or excipients (inactive ingredients). Ascorbic Acid, because it is a powder, does not contain excipients in its preparation, as is the case with tablets or capsules.

Ingredients should be listed on the labels by weight and in descending order. All ingredients selected by LAMBERTS® are approved by the Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain.

The active ingredients are responsible for the biological activity expected from the product and are described on the labels in: “Nutritional Information”. Most LAMBERTS® products do not contain any of the ingredients known to cause allergic reactions in some sensitive individuals. They do not contain: wheat, gluten, barley, soy, eggs, milk and dairy products, lactose, nuts, sulfites, celery, fish, shellfish and yeast. When an allergen such as soy is present, it is clearly described on the product label (in bold), as it is also a legal obligation to report it.

In addition, Lamberts Healthcare Ltd, in the United Kingdom, has been in the market for more than 30 years, with which it has a reputation within the field of food supplements at European level.

Multiguard for diabetics and hight blood pressure

Hello, I have purchased Multi Guard and I would like to know if it is suitable for diabetics and people with high blood pressure.

R/ LAMBERTS® has developed a range of multi-nutrient formulas, (known as vitamin-mineral complexes), to meet the needs of different groups of people. These formulations attempt to provide the best possible nutrient base for each specific group taking into account the dietary needs of each, and although all individual nutrient needs are different, certain people share some common requirements.

That is why there are several Multi-Guard® formulas in our range. The multi that we always recommend for diabetics is the Multi-Guard® Control (we do not know if it is the one you have purchased). This product provides 26 nutrients and the main benefits and differences of Multi-Guard® Control with respect to other multis are the following:

  • The trace mineral chromium, 200 µg per two tablets, contributes to the maintenance of normal blood glucose levels. This is considerably more than what is commonly found in other multis.
  • Cinnamon has been a favorite of herbalists for many years and this product provides a concentrated extract with levels similar to the research carried out on this spice and its influence on blood sugar.

However, we always recommend consulting a Health Professional before taking any food supplement.

Does Eliminex® have inulin?

Does Eliminex® have inulin?

R/ Purified FOS (containing no other ingredients) is equivalent to inulin. In Eliminex there is only FOS, that is, inulin, and therefore you have to watch out for possible side effects that normally indicate that they are working, on the packaging it is indicated and refers to a slight swelling due to the prebiotic effect. When the flora level is adequate, it does not occur.

The chicory fiber called inulin found in this product has the effect of feeding friendly gut bacteria. Unfortunately, if you’re not used to a higher intake of soluble fiber, this can initially cause temporary bloating and flatulence. This is not a cause for concern, but if it is proving difficult to handle, we recommend that you reduce the dose of FOS you are using to around eight, a quarter or a half teaspoon, and then wait more than two weeks for the full dose. If you are still experiencing flatulence even after reducing the dose, let us know and we can discuss some alternative products for you. (For technical questions, see Clinical Document H, cited above).

The inulin fiber found in FOS is not absorbed into the bloodstream, but passes through the digestive system as soluble fibers, similar to the pectin found in fruits and vegetables. Studies have shown that inulin does not affect blood sugar levels.

If you need any more ingredients, Artichoke, which is artichoke extract, is a source of inulin. But FOS and Inulin are equivalent names.

Cod Liver Oil form

Is Cod Liver Oil in the form of triglycerides or in the form of ethyl esters?

R/ Lamberts Cod Liver Oil is in the form of triglycerides.

What are the Betaglucans?

What are the Betaglucans?

R/ Betaglucans or Beta-glucans are a very beneficial type of fiber found in some vegetables and help maintain normal blood cholesterol levels.

We can find betaglucans in foods such as oats or barley, and the consumption of them from this source helps reduce the rise in blood glucose after eating. We also find them in the form of supplements, constituting another ideal alternative to take advantage of their benefits without modifying our diet.

Lamberts® formula for the maintenance of hair

If Florisene® is for a specific type of hair loss, what Lamberts® formula contains the nutrients recommended for the maintenance of hair in men and women who do not need Florisene?

R /Florisene® is a vitamin complex formulated to address the most common hair loss in women, Chronic Telogenic Effluvium or CTE.

When serum ferritin decreases below a certain point, which may vary according to the individual, the hair growth cycle is interrupted causing its fall. In some women this causes a gradual hair loss and volume. In others, hair loss is very obvious, with a greater fall when washing or brushing hair.

Maxi Hair® is a multi-nutrient formula that contains a significant amount of iron and a good selection of nutrients, (including B vitamins and biotin), which contribute to the normal maintenance of the skin, hair and nails, and can be used by both sexes

The two formulas should not be taken, because we would be excessively doubling the intake of nutrients such as iron. That is why we say that when you take Maxi Hair® do not take any other multi formula, including Florisene®.

It is important to know the specific cause of hair loss, since there could be many, from stress, CTE, low iron, hereditary, etc. This must be clarified by the health professional.

Betaine HCI and Pepsin 5 dosage

I am taking Betaine HCI 324 mg and Pepsin 5 mg in tablets. I think it is too strong for me and I would like to try half a tablet (half a dose). Can I split it and take it?

R/ The tablets in this supplement are designed to dissolve in the stomach, which is where acidification is required, since it releases hydrochloric acid, the same acid that occurs naturally in the stomach (but does not alter gastric acidity). In this way it helps replace part of the acidity loss in the stomach, thus cooperating in the digestion of food.

The tablets are made to fulfill a purpose during their disintegration time. To achieve this goal, excipients are used (also called inactive ingredients, since they have no nutritional contribution). If the tablet is broken, some stomach sensitive people may cause discomfort, since the disintegration objective would not be met in the manner established in the manufacture of the tablet.

Many people swallowing the crushed or broken tablet, which is prepared to open in the stomach, notice the taste of the ingredients, which is not always pleasant, and this can be perceived as irritation, (not necessarily as burning), but Betaine is precisely a product that we recommend NOT TO crush the tablet, since it is very acidic. The best thing would be to always swallow it whole or chop it in two and swallow, but the drawback is that you can notice a strong taste. Additionally, we cannot guarantee that just half of the tablet contains half the dose, since it is not marked for that use.

It is important to be sure that the problem is hypo or achlorhydria. Otherwise, you could have problems due to improper use.

Food supplements are not medicines, although we find them in the form of tablets or capsules, but necessary nutrients, which in many cases we cannot acquire adequately from regular food, but which, when they are concentrated healthy substances, collaborate in optimally completing our individual nutritional requirements.


L-GLUTAMIN POWDER does not contain fructose

Can you confirm if your product, L-GLUTAMIN POWDER 500 gr, does not contain fructose?

R/ Glutamine powder does not contain fructose; it is 100% pure glutamine in free form and can be absorbed immediately. We use a grade of glutamine suitable for clinical use and our product is manufactured and tested in the UK under GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) manufacturing standards. The tablets are the most likely to contain inert additives known as excipients, which are used to preserve or give consistency to the supplement.

What are Essential nutrients?

I hear about “essential nutrients” frequently, what are they?

R/ Essential nutrients are essential for the maintenance of basic daily functions for health and life itself. These functions are carried out in every cell and every organ of the body, every minute of every day, from birth to death. An essential nutrient is a substance that the body must have to function, but which it cannot produce on its own, therefore, the nutrient must be obtained from external sources, that is, from food.

There are 13 vitamins (which by definition are essential), 15 essential minerals or electrolytes, nine essential amino acids, and two essential fatty acids.

About Natural Betacarotene 15mg

I wanted to ask you two questions about natural Beta-carotene 15mg with mixed carotenoids: 1. Is beta-carotene a synthetic or natural source? 2. Is sunflower seed oil hydrogenated?

R/ I can confirm that our natural beta-carotene is natural, and is obtained from Dunaliella saline algae. The sunflower seed oil we use is not hydrogenated.

5-HTP absortion

How is 5-HTP absorbed?

R/ 5-HTP is absorbed through the intestine. As it does not require the presence of a transport molecule for absorption, it is not affected by the presence of other amino acids; and therefore it can be taken with meals without reducing its effectiveness. 5-HTP is well absorbed from an oral dose. 70% end up in the bloodstream.

Zincatest® taste test

In addition to Zincatest® (liquid), do you offer other taste test products for other nutrients?

R/ There is no similar test to Zincatest® for any other Lamberts® nutrient. The reason why Zincatest® works in a taste response is that zinc ions are involved in the activity of human taste buds and, therefore, have a direct interaction with our tongue to indicate a high or low level of zinc in the body. No other nutrient has this same effect.

Zincatest® liquid was developed by Dr. Derek Bryce-Smith as a reliable and easy-to-administer method to assess zinc status. Dr. Bryce-Smith (who was Professor of Organic Chemistry at the University of Reading) published his findings in a study titled Anorexia, Depression and Zinc Deficiency, and also published a book called Zinc Solution.

Lamberts® Sea Buckthorn Oil: no salicylates

Does Lamberts® Sea Buckthorn Oil contain salicylates? I have noticed that some brands extract the oil from the seeds and the pulp, while the Lamberts formula is only extracted from the pulp. Why?

There are no salicylates present in the formula of Lamberts® sea buckthorn oil. Some products use a mixture of seeds and pulp, others only pulp. We chose to use the pulp due to the greater natural composition of the carotenoids, but the most important is the long history of fruit consumption. We always want to make sure that what we get has been part of the diet, in which the fruit has been for centuries.

Both seed oil and pulp oil can be applied topically.

Quercetin for allergics

Can I take Lamberts® Quercetin if I am allergic to some vegetables?

A/ Our product is made from flowers of Sophorae japonica, which we know do not contain common allergens. It is typically harvested in Japan or Korea. We use pure quercetin in an easy way to absorb and the tablets are specially coated so that they can be easily swallowed.

Formulation criteria

What elements do you have in mind when formulating your product range?

A/  Whether they are of the type (Vitamins, Digestive Aids, Multinutrient or Multivitamin Formulas, Fatty Acids, etc.), premium food supplements need to have the correct potency, since dosing is the key to success when using the Nutrition and phytotherapy in professional practice.

The nutrients may have been correctly selected, but at the wrong levels the expected results will not be obtained. Something as important as finding the correct dose, can be very difficult to obtain in many of the products, therefore, when we develop formulas we start by dosing.

Latin name of the berry in Eyewise

I am very interested in the ‘Eyewise’ product. Can you tell me the Latin name of the berry used in the product? What is zeaxanthin?

A/ The Latin name is rubus fruticosus. The zeaxanthin plant component is closely related to lutein and only has a slightly different chemical structure. In the diet, these two compounds appear naturally together, so we believe that both are important for the Eyewise formula. We also add some extracts of grape and cranberry plants