On Line Sales Statement

Statistics show that online purchases of products for human consumption that may carry a risk to health do not increase. The consumer prefers to check the quality and guarantee of what is going to be consumed.

Good sense, because there have already been many cases of online product sales, including medicines, without health control and through fake online pharmacies. A web can have a very good appearance, but the product to be consumed is not really known where it comes from, how it is conserved, etc. These cases can occur with food supplements. Therefore we make this statement to customers and consumers.

Dear customers and consumers,

During long time there have been manifest concerns of the health authorities due to the online sale of products for human consumption without quality controls or health guarantees.

Recently as reported by the TV media, the National Police has dismantled the largest network of illegal sale of medicines through the internet that operated in Spain in an operation in which more than 400,000 units of 62 different types of drugs have intervened. The drugs were selling through web pages with the appearance of legal pharmacies. (here the new) .

As these serious incidents that may be extended to food supplements, Lamberts Española considers it appropriate to inform you that:

Our company has already received complaints from consumers who have purchased products on the internet, which appear to be Lamberts® products and have received them expired, in poor condition of conservation, with labels in other languages, etc.

The security in the purchases of products for human consumption is essential, and it is well known that on internet there are also imitations, so we cannot guarantee that the product you buy and receive from any website is genuine and be in good conditions of conservation.

Lamberts Española, S.L. has the status of exclusive distributor in Spain and Portugal of Lamberts® food supplements, and since 1989 has been distributing these products in the aforementioned markets.

Food supplements are products that, due to their impact on human health, are subject to a special administrative intervention and to a complex regulation related to their placing on the market and commercialization. Relevant norms for this purpose are both Directive 2002/46 / EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 10 June 2002 on the approximation of the laws of the Member States relating to food supplements, such as Royal Decree 1487 / 2009, of September 26, relating to food supplements. Compliance with these standards requires that the commercialization of food supplements be carried out in a careful and rigorous manner.

In particular, Lamberts® products are recognized in the market as high-end food supplements, enjoying a recognized prestige as a quality reference. Lamberts® products are manufactured in the United Kingdom in accordance with the pharmaceutical manufacturing standards GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices), which implies a series of rigorous quality controls, conservation, traceability, etc. that guarantee the consumer that the product he receives is in optimal conditions.

Given these complaints received and what is happening in the media, we want to make clear the following:

  • That we are not responsible for any product purchased in channels other than those established which guarantee that the product received is the original and that it is in good condition for its intake.
  • That we cannot guarantee that all e-commerce platforms have the original product, respect the guarantees and requirements of traceability, expiration and others required by the GMP manufacturing standards that our company rigorously complies with; Likewise, we can not guarantee that the products will not be resold, which is also required by said manufacturing standards.
  • That all Lamberts® products marketed by Lamberts Española are labeled in Spanish, and our identification data must appear on the label, as required by current legislation.

Lamberts Española strongly recommends that to acquire the original product with the advice and specialized technical help that you deserve, obtain the products in your establishment of trust.

In case you wish to purchase it online, we provide you only for informative purposes a list of web pages with respect to which Lamberts Española can guarantee that, at present, they comply with the guidelines of online commerce and other applicable regulations, and that both can supply the original product and in perfect condition and conservation.


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Any irregularity in Lamberts® products purchased through these pages can be communicated to us through: info@lambertsespanola.es