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Axtasantina 8 mg con Vitamina E lamberts - tapa temporal


30 Capsules

Astaxanthin Capsules 8mg
One of nature’s most potent antioxidants

Recomended PVP: 23.80€IVA incl

Lamberts Vitamin D3 2000 ui

120 Capsules

Vitamin D3 2000UI (50µg)
Essential for bones, teeth and immune system.

Recomended PVP: 26.00€IVA incl

LambertsLiquid  Pomegranate Concentrate


500 ml

Liquid Pomegranate Concentrate
With Pure red grape concentrate

Recomended PVP: 30.00€IVA incl

lamberts Choline LIver and Vitamin B Complex  Lamberts


60 Tablets

Choline Liver Complex
With Vitamin B Complex and Milk Thistle Extract

Recomended PVP: 24.95€IVA incl

Health Insurance Plus: Vitamins and mineral without iron Lamberts


125 Tablets

Health Insurance Plus®
Iron free Multi with a useful Magnesium level.

Recomended PVP: 34.46€IVA incl

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Multiguard for Kids: Vitamins and minerales for Kids Lamberts


100 Tablets

MultiGuard® For Kids. Vitamins & Minerals
Tasty chewable vitamins and minerals for children aged 4-14 years

Recomended PVP: 25.95€IVA incl

Milk Thistle 8500mg Lamberts


90 Tablets

Milk Thistle 8500mg
200mg of Silymarin

Recomended PVP: 29.95€IVA incl

Aloe Vera Lamberts


90 Tablets

Aloe Vera 10.000mg
Taste free, high potency tablets.

Recomended PVP: 19.95€IVA incl

Colladeen Derma Plus Lamberts


60 Tablets

Colladeen® Derma Plus
Lutein+Zeaxanthin+Green Tea & Vitamins

Recomended PVP: 45.85€IVA incl

Silica Complete: Silica complex witn Vitamin C, biotine, zinc and MSM Lamberts


60 Tablets

Silica Complete. Hair, Skin and Nails
Hair, Skin and Nails. One tablet a Day

Recomended PVP: 29.95€IVA incl

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Lutein 20 mg: Eyewise Lamberts


60 Tablets

Eyewise® with 20 mg Lutein. One a Day
Lutein plus bilberry, grapeseed and blackberry
Omega 3 Ultra Lamberts. Capsules


60 Capsules

Omega 3 Ultra
Providing 1040 Omega 3

Recomended PVP: 39.95€IVA incl

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Complejo de Beta Glucanos más Vitaminas D3, C, Selenio y Zinc Lamberts


60 Tablets

Beta Glucan Complex. One a Day
Beta Glucans 1,3/1,6 with vitamins D3 & C, Selenium and Zinc.

Recomended PVP: 34.95€IVA incl

Lactase Complex 9000 FCC Lamberts


60 Tabs

Lactasa Complex 9000 FCC
Digestive enzyme

Recomended PVP: 26.95€IVA incl

Lamberts MYO Inositol, helps with (SOP)


200 gr

MYO Inositol powder
100% Natural

Recomended PVP: 29.95€IVA incl

Refreshall Lamberts, con Ginkgo,


120 Tablets

Ginkgo Biloba 6000mg, plus Lemon Balm, Sage and Rosemary

Recomended PVP: 38.96€IVA incl

Lutein 20 mg + Omega 3: Eyewise® Omega 3 Lamberts


60 Capsules

Eyewise® Omega 3
Lutein 20mg plus Omega 3s & Vitamin D3

Recomended PVP: 43.65€IVA incl

TurMemoric: Turmeric + Lutein, Rosemary Extract, Vitamin B12 & Zinc Lamberts


60 tablets

TurMemoric. Turmeric Extract
with Lutein & Rosemary Extract plus Vit B12 & Zinc

Recomended PVP: 45.70€IVA incl

Lamberts Sea Buckthorn Berry Oil 1000 mg - Omega 7


30 Caps

Sea Buckthorn Berry Oil 1000mg
From the berry pulp. Richest source

Recomended PVP: 29.80€IVA incl

Peppermint Oil Lamberts


90 Capsules

Peppermint Oil 100mg
Pure and Natural peppermint Oil distilled from mint leaves.

Recomended PVP: 15.95€IVA incl

Lamberts Pulse® Pure Fish oil 1300mg + CoQ10 100mg


90 Capsules

PULSE® with Omega 3 and Coenzime Q10
Pure Fish oil 1300mg + CoQ10 100mg

Recomended PVP: 55.75€IVA incl

Turmeric fast release by Lamberts. 60 tbs[:]


60 Tablets

Turmeric Fast Release (60 tabs)
Providing 200mg of extract 50:1 with 95% of curcumins

Recomended PVP: 27.95€IVA incl

Turmeric fast release by Lamberts. 120 tabs


120 Tablets

Turmeric Fast Release (120 tabs)
Providing 200mg of extract 50:1 with 95% of curcumins

Recomended PVP: 45.85€IVA incl