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Calcium and Magnesium

If you take magnesium supplements, be sure to take calcium supplements as well. Imbalances in the amounts of the two minerals can reduce their beneficial effects.


The Calcium, an essential constituent of bones and teeth, calcium is also required for bodily functions such as blood clotting and muscle contraction. Eating enough calcium-rich foods may be difficult, but supplements can prevent the development of a deficiency.

The most common forms are calcium carbonate, calcium citrate, calcium gluconate, calcium phosphate and calcium lactate. The amount of elemental-or pure- calcium in a supplement varies from compound to compound. Calcium carbonate (used in antacids to relieve indigestion) provides 40% elemental calcium, while calcium gluconate supplies 9%.

Calcium cannot be absorbed without sufficient quantities of vitamin D. The most plentiful sources of calcium are dairy products, such as milk, yogurt and cheese.


The average person’s body contains just under 30 grams of magnesium, but this small amount is vital to a number of bodily functions. Many people do not have adequate stores of magnesium, often because they rely too heavily on processed foods, which contain very little of this mineral. In addition, magnesium levels are easily depleted by stress, certain diseases or medications and intense physical activity. For this reason, nutritional supplements may be needed for the maintenance of optimal health.

Supplements come in many forms, including magnesium acetate, magnesium carbonate, magnesium citrate, magnesium gluconate, magnesium oxide and magnesium sulphate. Magnesium citrate is the form of the mineral most easily absorbed by the body.

Good food sources of magnesium are whole grains, nuts, legumes, dark green leafy vegetables and shellfish.

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