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The bases of the Chinese medicine.

Pathophysiology and Diagnosis

This book is the second part of the work “The Basis of Chinese Medicine” by Dr. Nuria Lorite-Ayán. She is a well-known professor, researcher and communicator. The text deals with Physiopathology and Diagnosis according to Chinese Medicine. The specific prologue in this second volume has been written by Mr. Luo Jun, Director of the Centre of Culture of China in Madrid.

The text presents and details, in a clear and pleasant way, several aspects such as etiology in Chinese Medicine, the different systems to identify the illness or unbalances and different kinds of unbalances. A paramount part is related to the deep study of the variety of syndromes classification systems, a specific key for Chinese Medicine understanding, which is previous to any treatment proposal. This text has a main stream related to considering Human Being as part of the universe, and permanently connected with the environment, also related to the inner universes and their relationships. Those have been widely explained in the first part of this work The Basis of Chinese Medicine: Physiology.

This text is the result of experience, years of continuous study and decades dedicated to teaching: a must-have book as guide and comprehension for health care students and professionals, as well. Any person devoted to learning about body, wellness and health will benefit of these books.

Dr. Nuria Lorite-Ayán founded Biloba postgraduate school. She is an empathic communicator and lecturer to different publics, spreading health and wellbeing by different broadcasting systems, as well as in several institutions, companies, groups.

– Prologue by Mr. Luo Jun

– Prologue by Dr. José Luis Vázquez

– Special Thanks

– Introduction 

– Etiology in Chinese Medicine

– Disease onset and development

– Main internal unbalances in TCM

– Physiopathology of Qi

– Physiopathology of Blood

– Physiopathology of Organic Fluids

– Connected Physiopathology of Qi, Blood and Organic Fluids.

– Physiopathology of Meridians Network

– Physiopathology of Yin Organs

 – Physiopathology of Yang Organs

– Physiopathology of Extraordinary Organs

– The Language of Manifestations according to TCM

– Keys of the Language of Manifestations.

– Syndromes Differentiation Systems