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Ginkgo Biloba 6000mg, plus Lemon Balm, Sage and Rosemary

Refreshall® is a product that provides with two tablets a day, 6000 mg of ginkgo biloba, the dose that studies have confirmed as effective, as well as adequate amounts of lemon balm (Melissa officinalis), sage, rosemary, plus vitamins of the group B, and also the mineral iodine.

In the Refreshall® we use the same ginkgo of first quality as that used in our simple ginkgo presentation and in the VeinTain®.

LAMBERTS® ginkgo is of the highest quality available. We demand that the raw material contain low levels of an undesirable compound called ginkgolic acid.

To make it one of the most powerful and effective products on the market, together with ginkgo, we have added lemon balm (Melissa officinalis), sage and rosemary to Refreshall®.

In addition, the product contains 3 important vitamins of the B complex and the mineral iodine, which act synergistically and contribute:

.To normal functioning of the nervous system and psychological function and normal energy metabolism, for its content in vitamin B1, vitamin B12 and pantothenic acid.

.To decrease fatigue and fatigue.

.Pantothenic acid contributes to the normal intellectual performance and normal metabolism of vitamin D and some neurotransmitters.

Few companies produce all their herbal products in the form of extracts, but at LAMBERTS® we think it is essential to do so. Therefore, although the “whole herb” alternative sounds very good, it is simply the material of the dried plant, which will mainly provide fiber and few active ingredients (and this in case it can be digested).

LAMBERTS® herbs are concentrated, soluble and are a guarantee of safety and efficacy.

Daily intake: 2 tablets

A green coated oval tablet.

Two tablets deliver:

Ginkgo Biloba (provided by 120 mg extract) 6000 mg
Lemon Balm (provided by 100 mg extract) 100 0 mg
Sage (provided by 211 mg) 1000 mg
Rosemary (provided by 13,3 mg extract) 100 mg
Thiamin (B1) 0.55 mg
Vitamin B12 1.25 mg
Pantothenic Acid (B5) 3 mg
Iodine 50 ug

Tableted / Encapsulated with:

See product label.

Disintegration Time

Less than 1 hour.

Suitable for Vegans, Vegetarians and Lactose and Gelatin Free.

Allergen Advice 

The following list of allergens are excluded: Wheat, Gluten, Barley, Soya, Eggs, Milk and milk products, Lactose, Nuts, Sulphites, Celery, Fish, Shellfish and Yeast.


This product is not recommended for pregnant or lactating women.

Those using prescription blood-thinning medication (anticoagulants) or aspirin, should consult their doctor before using Ginkgo Biloba. As is always the case where a person is on any prescription medications, or under medical supervision, the doctor should be informed of any supplements being taken.

Storage instructions

To be stored in a cool, dry place and protected from light, keep it out of reach of smallest children.

Legal category 

Food supplement.

Take 2 tablets daily with a meal.
Do no exceed recommeded daily dose.
One pot lasts for: 60 days.
Unitary cost: €0.32

Refreshall® Lamberts label with its properties and indications

Muestra de tableta del Refreshall® Lamberts

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