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The bases of the Chinese medicine. Physiology

A useful tool for Chinese medicine students


Expanded 2nd edition.

Doctor Nuria Lorite Ayán was interested from very young for the medicinal plants. Her first career was Drugstore and then she specialized herself in Homeopathy and Natural Medicine (PhD). Between his multiple publications we find " The bases of the Chinese medicine. Physiology ". A useful tool for the students of Chinese medicine in the way of  knowing.

Teacher: Nuria Lorite Ayan. Dpto. Technician of Lamberts Española.

DEA in Drugstore, Lic. in Traditional Medicine China, specialist in Biochemistry, Fitoterapia China and Western, Natural Medicine PhD, Nutrition Ortomolecular, Member of the group of study of new food of the UCM. Director of Biloba.

Doctor Lorite at "A toda Salud"

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