EL CANCER. Suzanne Powell

Una guía sencilla y práctica

What is the cause of cancer? Our thoughts? The foods we eat? Environmental toxicity? The electromagnetic fields? Geopathies? Why not take all this into account?

This is the premise that Suzanne Powell presents to us in this simple and practical work, in which she identifies each possible problem and offers us the corresponding solution. The author invites us to take into account all the factors and to lead an essentially anti-cancer lifestyle.

His approaches are so affordable that anyone can incorporate them into their life, while at the same time bridging the gap between allopathic medicine and natural and energy medicine. Suzanne shows us that we can fearlessly venture beyond the known in search of solutions that allow us to tackle not only the manifestation of the problem, but also its root. This is a book that sheds light, offers hope and provides tools.

And, what is more important, it has the potential to turn the collective unconscious in relation to cancer, so that we no longer see it as an executioner, but as a teacher who can awaken us to Life.

Spanish edition only available.