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¡ Cambia ya ! Suzanne Powell

Nuevos recursos naturales para la salud, belleza y habitat.

Suzanne Powell opens her private apothecary for us for the first time and shares with us all those tips and tricks that, for years and in the most diverse situations, have helped her to preserve her well-being, take care of her health and live free of toxins.

A simple and natural way to take care of ourselves consciously.

This book is not intended to be a health treatise, it is much more, it is a gift, an inspired talk between the author and her readers, recounting everything that has been transmitted to her and she herself has experienced.

Do you want to know how Suzanne overcame cystitis in the mountains or how she managed to recover in record time from a hip operation? What essential oil to use to relieve headaches or achieve mental clarity? What is the best infusion for cough or relieve premenstrual syndrome? Did you know that you can have your home clean and scented without the need for chemicals?

This book is the spark you needed to light up a healthier and more natural life with the advice and experiences of Suzanne Powell.

Dare yourself…. Change now! If I can, you can. Just do it!, Suzanne Powell.

Only Spanish version available.