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Betaine HCL 324mg / Pepsin 5mg

Helps the body to digest protein and acidify the stomach

Helps the body to digest protein and acidify the stomach.

This product provides additional acidity to the stomach since Betaine HCL releases hydrochloric acid after swallowing, the same acid that is produced naturally by the stomach. These tablets are designed to dissolve in the stomach where the acidity is required.

As we age our natural production of hydrochloric acid can decline, but its importance for the breakdown of food in the gut remains unchanged. Hydrochloric acid has several different functions; for example it sterilises the ingested food and activates a powerful enzyme called pepsin that breaks down protein, as well as allowing vitamin B12 to be extracted from foodstuffs.

A white speckled round tablet.

Each tablet delivers:

Betaine HCl 324mg
Pepsin 5mg

Tableted / Encapsulated with:

See product label.

Disintegration time:

Less than 30 minutes.

Allergen Advice

The following list of allergens are excluded: Wheat, Gluten, Barley, Soya, Eggs, Milk and milk products, Lactose, Nuts, Sulphites, Celery, Fish, Shellfish and Yeast


This product is not recommended for children, or pregnant or lactating women. DO NOT TAKE IF PEPTIC ULCERS ARE PRESENT OR SUSPECTED.

Storage instructions

To be stored in a cool, dry place and protected from light, keep it out of reach of smallest children.

Legal category

Food supplement.


As a food supplement to aid protein digestion, take 1 tablet with each main meal, up to a maximum of 3 per day or as directed by a practitioner or pharmacist.
Swallow the tablets whole.
Do not exceed recommended daily dose.
One pot lasts: 180 days max.
Unitary cost: €0,17

Betaína HCl 324mg/Pepsina 5mg PROPERTIES

[:es]Muestra de tableta de la Betaína HCI 324 mg y Pepsina 5 mg Lamberts[:en]Sample of Betaine HCL 324mg / Pepsin 5mg Lamberts tablet[:]