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Premium quality food supplements need to provide the correct potency since dosage is the key to success in clinical practice. You can have selected the right nutrients but get the levels wrong and you won’t get the results you hoped. it is surprisingly difficult to achieve this by using many of the supplements on the market.

At LAMBERTS®, we only develop products that are at the right potency and supported by a valid scientific rationale. Indeed it is the potency of our products that truly sets us apart from other brands and enables practitioners to be able to put their trust in our products.

LambertsLiquid  Pomegranate Concentrate


500 ml

Liquid Pomegranate Concentrate
With Pure red grape concentrate

Recomended PVP: 30.00€IVA incl

Curcumin Ultra Lamberts 30tabs


30 Tablets

Curcumin Ultra – 30 tabs
Manufactured under patented CurcuWIN and UltraSOL ™ technologies

Recomended PVP: 31.50€IVA incl

Producto lamberts en oferta
Ashwagandha (Withania somnífera) 6000 mg with Vitamin C and Zinc


60 Capsules

Ashwagandha 6000 mg
(as 300mg root extract) with vitamin C plus zinc

Recomended PVP: 26.95€IVA incl

Milk Thistle 3000 mg Lamberts


60 Tablets

Milk Thistle 3000mg
80mg of Silymarin per tablet

Recomended PVP: 15.95€IVA incl

Complejo de Hierro Vegano con Vitamina B 12 y Lisina Lamberts


120 Tablets

Vegan Iron Complex
Iron with Vitamin 12 and L-Lysine

Recomended PVP: 26.00€IVA incl

lamberts Choline LIver and Vitamin B Complex  Lamberts


60 Tablets

Choline Liver Complex
With Vitamin B Complex and Milk Thistle Extract

Recomended PVP: 24.95€IVA incl

Vegan DHA Omega 3 Lamberts


60 Capsules

Vegan DHA 250 mg
Super Rich Omega 3 Oil

Recomended PVP: 34.95€IVA incl

Lamberts Vegan Vitamin D3 1000 ui


90 Capsules

Vegan Vitamin D3 1000 UI (25 µg)
Natural, plant-based source of vitamin D3

Recomended PVP: 24.00€IVA incl

Producto lamberts en oferta
Lamberts Vitamin D drops


20 mililitres

Vitamin D3 drops
100% NRV of D3 in every drop in Virgin Olive oil base.

Recomended PVP: 17.75€IVA incl

[:es]Eliminease, FOS Fibra Pura Soluble, Chlorella y Extracto de Hoja de Perejil para perros [:en] Eliminase: Pure soluble fibre (FOS), Chlorella and Parsley Leaf Extract for dogs [:]


90 Tablets

EliminEase™ for Dogs. Pet Nutrition
Pure soluble fibre (FOS), plus Chlorella and Parsley Leaf Extract

Recomended PVP: 19.00€IVA incl

Producto Lamberts en promoción especial
Multi-Guard ADR Lamberts. 60 Tablets


60 Tabletas

Multi-Guard® ADR – 60 tabs
A Multi Vitamin and Mineral Formula With Herbs, CoQ10 and Taurine.
Omega 3 Ultra Lamberts. Capsules


60 Capsules

Omega 3 Ultra
Providing 1040 Omega 3

Recomended PVP: 39.95€IVA incl

Producto lamberts en oferta
Complejo de Beta Glucanos más Vitaminas D3, C, Selenio y Zinc Lamberts


60 Tablets

Beta Glucan Complex. One a Day
Beta Glucans 1,3/1,6 with vitamins D3 & C, Selenium and Zinc.

Recomended PVP: 34.95€IVA incl

Saccharomyces Boulardii Lamberts


30 Capsules

Saccharomyces Boulardii
Providing 6 billion organisms

Recomended PVP: 23.80€IVA incl

Lamberts MYO Inositol, helps with (SOP)


200 gr

MYO Inositol powder
100% Natural

Recomended PVP: 29.95€IVA incl

Lamberts Pulse® Pure Fish oil 1300mg + CoQ10 100mg


90 Capsules

PULSE® with Omega 3 and Coenzime Q10
Pure Fish oil 1300mg + CoQ10 100mg

Recomended PVP: 55.75€IVA incl

Turmeric fast release by Lamberts. 60 tbs[:]


60 Tablets

Turmeric Fast Release (60 tabs)
Providing 200mg of extract 50:1 with 95% of curcumins

Recomended PVP: 27.95€IVA incl

Turmeric fast release by Lamberts. 120 tabs


120 Tablets

Turmeric Fast Release (120 tabs)
Providing 200mg of extract 50:1 with 95% of curcumins

Recomended PVP: 45.85€IVA incl