Cookies Policy

At Lamberts Española we use own and third-party cookies to facilitate navigation for our Web site and to carry out an analysis of the use of the same. With the aim of getting the information in a clear and concise manner on the cookies that we use, below you can find detailed information in reference to them: What is a cookie, so that it serves, that types of cookies we use, what its purpose and how they can be configured or disabled if so desired.

What is a Cookie?

Cookies are packets of data that are stored on the device of the users who visit a website, generating specific information that can be “read” by the server that has installed them.

Cookies do not cause any damage in the equipment and, in most cases, are deleted automatically after some time. Users can configure their browser to reject cookies automatically. In these links, appears the information necessary to carry out such a configuration:

To provide certain services to users, it is necessary to install a cookie on your computer (for example, to access the private area of this site). If you reject or delete these cookies, this service cannot be used.

By accessing this website, the user can receive 2 types of cookies:

  • Personalization cookies, allowing to display the web page with a given configuration.
  • Website cookies, through which we can get statistics on the use of the website.

We then provide details of each of these types of cookies:




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