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Vitamin E: origin of the d alpha tocopherol

I have bought your 268mg vitamin e and my question is: What is the origin of the d alpha tocopherol in the product? What about the other tocopherols present? Do they come from the sunflower? Do any of them come from soybeans?

A/ LAMBERTS® declares both active and inactive ingredients on its labels. Regarding allergens, if the product contains an allergen (such as soy or gluten, for example), we indicate it on the label in “bold”. If it is not indicated on the label, it means that the product does not contain it. Therefore, this product is made from Sunflower Seed Oil and not from Soy.

Example of products that contain possible allergens and puts it on the label: Phosphatidyl Serine (contains soy, and puts it on the label), Complete Glucosamine (contains shellfish and puts it on the label), Complete Gainer (contains gluten, milk and soy and what puts the label), Whey Protein. No Flavor or Aroma (Contains milk and soy. Made in a factory that uses: cereals).

Our two individual vitamin E formulations (250 IU and 400 IU) contain mixed tocopherols (alpha, beta, gamma and delta). However, we do not quantify the additional tocopherols and standardize only d-alpha tocopherol, as the levels of the other nutrients tend to vary from batch to batch.