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Turmeric 20.000 mg: ¿20.000 mg of what?

Hello, I have a question about one of your products: Turmeric 20,000 mg, with 500 mg of extract. I would like to know what this product contains, what is 20,000 mg of what? And it only has 500 mg of what?

A/ The product reports the following on its label: 

Each tablet delivers: Curcuma longa root extract from 20,000 mg of the spice (As 500 mg of a standardized 40: 1 extract) Contributing 95% curcuminoids.

Each tablet provides: Curcuma Longa Root Extract from 20,000 mg of the species (as 500 mg of a standardized 40:1 extract) .

The calculations are made as follows: A “40: 1” extract means that each 1 mg of extract is equivalent to 40 mg of the no-concentrated product.

Then, by a rule of three: 500 mg of concentrate (extract) equals: 500 x 40 = 20,000 mg of no-concentrated product.

Instead of having 20,000 mg no-concentrated, there are 500 mg concentrates, which take up less and are equivalent.

In short, 20,000mg of the spice is used to achieve 500mg in the form of an extract.