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Titanium dioxide

I was about to buy Maxi Hair, but I saw it contains titanium dioxide. It is as harmful as it says?…I thought that Lamberts did not use this component in their products. I am waiting for your news.

R/ Thank you for contacting us at Lamberts Española. While you question the use of titanium dioxide, we provide you information that I think will be have interest to you and for your peace of mind.

The excipients or inactive ingredients used by Lamberts Healthcare in the manufacture of LAMBERT® products are completely safe, natural and are approved by the Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain.

Also should you know that are used in minimal quantities to ensure manufacturing and most of them are not absorbed by the organism when it comes of large molecules, how is the case of titanium dioxide. Herewith you can see attached the list of inactive ingredients that contain our products and their features. The manufacture of the products does not use hazardous excipients as aspartame, or sodium glutamate.

Also in regards to active nutrients, these are the highest degree of purity available and are tested before being used to detect dangerous agents how aflatoxin, antibiotics, genetically modified ingredients, preservatives biocides, microbiological contaminants, irradiated ingredients, heavy metal, polychlorinated biphenyls, cyclic poly aromatic hydrocarbons, pesticides. The manufacture of the products is made following the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), stricter quality control that exists and that many other nutritional supplements on the market do not use. Anyway you can continue consuming our products with complete peace of mind.