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Pea Protein: Profile of Amino Acids

I would like to know the profile of amino acids contained in your pea protein as compared to other protein products, such as whey or hemp. Are there any differences regarding digestibility and absorption? Also would like to know if the reason why you only produce pea as protein powder is because it offers less potential to allergies. Finally, I know that powders are not to be used in cooking/heating, as they are very sensitive and can alter their structure. Is this the same for pea protein?.

R/ The profile of amino acids in the Lamberts Pea Protein may be found on the pot label and also on the Lamberts Española website.

Lamberts® Pea Protein is a highly concentrated protein product sourced from yellow peas. The extraction and purification processes raise the protein content from the normal level of 6% in fresh peas to 80% in this product. This unique process produces protein that is highly soluble and therefore easy to digest and absorb. We specifically chose peas as the source of protein because the amino acid profile is excellent as it is rich in ‘branched chain amino acids’ (leucine, isoleucine and valine) and is richer in arginine than any other commercially available protein. Arginine is involved in the immune system response to challenges and also plays a part in weight control.

Pea protein has many uses as it is free from wheat, gluten, dairy products, eggs, soya and animal products. It is unsweetened and has a mild savoury taste making it useful for mixing in to soups and stews. It can also be blended with fruit such as a banana to make a fruit smoothie.

  • Can be used for recovering from illness and/or have low appetites.
  • Popular with sport people looking for a protein for muscle development and endurance but want to avoid dairy or soya based products.
  • Useful for slimmers and people with food cravings as provides slow release energy.

If you would prefer another source of protein, then you may wish to consider the Lamberts range of whey protein formulas in our sports range.