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Osteoguard ADVANCE correct dose

I was taking two Osteoguard tablets a day, for about two months I have switched to Osteoguard ADVANCE tablets and continue to take two tablets. The question that arises is because I saw an article that says that an Osteoguard ADVANCE tablet contains 250 mg of calcium and an Osteoguard tablet contains 500 mg of calcium. I would like to know the exact equivalence that I should take of Osteoguard ADVANCE so that it is equivalent to the two Osteoguard tablets that I took previously.

R/ If you want to reach the calcium level provided by 2 Osteoguard® tablets, you would have to take 4 Osteoguard® Advance. Magnesium intake would double to 500 mg (which is still at an acceptable intake level). However, the dose of vitamin K2 would go from 90 µg to 180 µg, which exceeds the recommended daily dose so we cannot advise you to double the intake of the Osteoguard® Advance product.

Remember that food supplements are not drugs, even though we find them in tablet or capsule forms, but rather necessary nutrients, which in many cases we cannot adequately acquire from a regular diet, but since they are concentrated healthy substances, They collaborate optimally completing our individual nutritional requirements and that intervene in numerous chemical processes in the body, helping in many health disorders. The dose should be as indicated on the product label or directed by a health professional who handles the case in a personalized way.