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Origin of fishes of the Pure Fish Oil

About Pure Fish Oil 1100mg, the fish from which part of the world are they from?. Do you have detail of all 5 Stages Purification Process and Extraction Fish Method.

R/ The Lamberts Fish Oils are sourced from a range of different oily fish dependent on the season and availability and are not from farmed fish. We also sourced from seas all over the world, from where we can obtain the best quality. Sadly, due to human activity, no ocean is completely free from pollutants, but it is the highly sophisticated processing of fish oil which is important.

Lamberts insist on using premium grade fish oil which has undergone a sophisticated screening process to ensure that the oil is of the highest quality. Once the oil has been purchased, Lamberts use the least chemically-aggressive, solvent-free processes available to process fish oils that meet with strict quality control at all production stages.  The main features of the process include: (i) partial odour/bitter component reduction (ii) colour standardisation (iii) saturate reduction (cooling) (iv) secondary odour reduction (to reduce ‘reflux’ effects) and (v) filtration/molecular distillation to discard natural solid residues.

These tests include screening for a variety of contaminants such as aflatoxins, heavy metals, antibiotics, PCBs, dioxins, PAHs, irradiated ingredients and pesticides. We also add vitamin E to our fish oil concentrate to stabilize the oil and prevent them from oxidation. Furthermore, we hold minimal stock so that our products are freshly made. For added freshness, all our Fish Oil capsules are processed and packed in the UK.