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MSM compatible with sulfonamide allergy

I have purchased a container of the MSM , and I am allergic to sulfonamide. I can take it? Is it incompatible with my allergy?

R) There is a tendency to confuse MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane) with sulfa drugs or to believe that they are similar compounds due to the phonetic proximity between them when nothing is further from the truth.

A sulfonamide is a synthetic, broad-spectrum, bacteriostatic, sulfonamide-derived chemical. Sulfa drugs are used as antibiotics, antiparasitics, and coccidiostats in the treatment of infectious diseases. On the contrary, MSM is a form of organic sulfur required by the body for the maintenance of healthy connective tissues, for proper enzymatic function and hormonal balance, together with an adequate functioning of the immune system. Our MSM LAMBERTS® is a pure form of this compound and is safe to take long term. It is made in the United Kingdom under strict GMP pharmaceutical manufacturing standards and is suitable for vegans and vegetarians since it is of natural origin and is extracted from the birch tree.