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About L-Methionine 500mg

“I would like to know if your product L-Metionina 500 mg (8318-60)  equals the co-substrate S-adenosyl methionine (SAM, SAMe, SAM-e).

A / L-Methionine is the natural precursor of S-adenosyl methionine. When we take L-Methionine, in the liver, our body automatically creates S-adenosyl methionine, this way the metabolic pathway is respected. Furthermore, L-methionine in the body gives rise to other amino acids required for correct organic functioning.

January, 2015

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Lamberts Española S.L.
Sole distributor for Spain


Lamberts Española, is since 1989 the sole distributor of LAMBERTS® products in Spain and Gibraltar. Quality and Security can be imitated, but not achieved.