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Is the PMG Betaine the same as the Betaine of LAMBERTS ®?

An elite professional has ordered to us Betaína PMG. Is it the same as our Betaine?.

R/ In Biochemistry and natural sciences in general PMG can mean several words in regarding with Betaine, I am afraid that it is a brand that really I don’t know here in our country, I know it, as a brand, in Eastern countries. The Betaine of Lamberts Healthcare is of the highest quality and purity (which can be one of the possible meanings PMG). Assuming it refers to a brand of Asian countries, it is possible here not be achieved.

When referring to “elite” professional I want to interpret it that refers to an athlete. In any case, I suggest you offer our product when you are sure that the athlete does not have any position of contraindications or problems of hyperacidity and heartburn. Athletes use them in their training, but it is important to make sure that he has not gastritis or digestive problem taking it correctly as shown in the container.