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Glutamine in intermittent fasting

Is Glucosamine 500 MG of 90 capsules glutamine neutral? It is what has been recommended to do intermittent fasting, and if you have any more information I would appreciate it.

A/ Thank you very much for your confidence in the brand. I suppose there is a wording error in your question since you mention glucosamine first and then glutamine in capsules. I am assuming you refer to glutamine, however, I would like to clarify that glucosamine is an active principle that contains glutamine and a sugar molecule, found mainly in the exoskeleton of arthropods, in the cell wall of fungi and in many other organisms , being the most abundant monosaccharide.

If it is taken in an intermittent fast, the carbohydrate intake that it would entail and the possibility of breaking the fast should be taken into account.

 Having made this clarification and returning to the subject of glutamine, it is the most abundant non-essential amino acid of natural origin in the body. We assume that you have been recommended to take glutamine during intermittent fasting to avoid muscle catabolism, which would be an appropriate recommendation. When you refers to “neutral”, I imagine it means that it does not contain anything else. We can tell you our glutamine is 100% pure. For more information:

 The amino acids in LAMBERTS® are presented in “free form”, that is, they are ready to be absorbed and used by the body (they do not need to be digested). Our capsules are made in the UK under strict GMP pharmaceutical manufacturing standards and are suitable for vegetarians.