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Is our acid alpha Lipoic acid R or S? - 

Is our acid alpha Lipoic acid R or S?

R/ Similarly to other substances, like amino acids that matter the type of molecular arrangement, in the case of Lipoic acid there are also two isomers, they are the same molecule but spatially arranged in a different way, said that they are stereoisomers and R and S. Are called the prefixes “R” and “s” of the alpha Lipoic acid refer to the way in which light is refracted through the molecules and their formulations (optical isomers). Our ALA formula is in a proportion 1:1 (50/50) r-ALA and S-Ala, which is the form that is most of the supplements. To make a product purely r-ALA (which is the natural form), would be immensely costly and would not be profitable for our customers. Most of the clinical research conducted at ALA and its health benefits, is carried out using the mixed form.

September, 2014

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