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The benefits of dietary supplements are increasingly recognized by international health sector agencies such as EFSA Europe, CRN, FDA and many others.

We offer in this section the answers to the questions sent to us by customers and consumers. These are posted for informational purposes only and with no intention to prescribe or replace the advice of a health professional.

Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

Technical questions from our customers, and answered by our expert technicians


Omega 3´s way

The Omega 3 in what way is it?

R/ The Lamberts Omega 3 is derived from ethyl esters; the huge body of research on fish oil has been conducted using the ethyl ester form. As the Lamberts range is formulated on clinical evidence we have therefore taken the choice to maintain the ethyl ester form until further research is produced on triglyceride based fish oil.

July, 2015

Raw material of LAMBERTS® MSM

What is the raw material of LAMBERTS® MSM?.

R/ Our MSM is excellent quality as it has no chemical residues and is 99.9% pure. The starting material for our product is pine trees and the organic sulphur is produced predominantly from the bark (not to be confuse with pine bark extract as this is totally different).

July, 2015

Pure Starflower Oil:pyrrolizidine alkaloids?

The Pure Starflower Oil 1000mg (8499-90) contains pyrrolizidine alkaloids?.

R/ Pyrrolidizine Alkaloids (UPAs) are found predominately in the flowers, stems and leaves. Our oil is produced from the seeds which are natural low in this substance. Results of testing the oil show that UPAs is not detectable.

July, 2015

Animal gelatin in Q10

Does the Animal gelatin in Q10 is fish, pork, sheep?

 R / We only use pharmaceutical grade bovine gelatin which meets the exacting standards of Gelatin Manufacturers of Europe Association (GMEA).

July, 2015

What is the source of lactase?

What is the source of lactase?

 R/The Lamberts lactase is formed from Aspergillus Oryzae. Lactase produced commercially can be extracted both from yeasts such as Kluyveromyces fragilis and Kluyveromyces lactis and from fungi, such as Aspergillus niger and Aspergillus oryzae.

Lamberts use Aspergillus oryzae as a source which is a probiotic filamentous fungi commonly used in the fermentation process of soybeans, rice, grain and potatoes. It is used to make certain fermented Asian foods like tempeh, soy sauce, miso, sake, and rice vinegars. This fermentation process produces enzymes which are known to be beneficial to both humans and animals. In particular, aspergillus oryzae produces the enzyme amylase, an important enzyme for a healthy gut and good digestion. The Lamberts Lactase has an activity of 65,000 lactase units per gram.


July, 2015

Vitamin C: Raw Material

 Where did the raw material of Vitamin C ?.

 R/ We currently source our Vitamin C from Japan.

June, 2015

Vitamin K: Production

What is the method of production of vitamin K?.

R/ Vitamin K- Lamberts Vitamin K is created through fermentation, specifically natto fermentation, is soy-free. Our supplier uses a brand new state of the art GMP plant to produce Vitamin K2.  The company we chose has over 100 years combined experience in deep tank fermentation and took 4 years to develop a completely unique and proprietary method of extracting vitamin K2-7 to achieve the highest concentrations, to avoid adulteration of the product and to keep by-product levels to a minimum.

June, 2015

Difference between folate and folic acid

What is the difference between folate and folic acid?.

R/ Folate occurs naturally in food, and folic acid is the synthetic form of this vitamin. We use folic acid in our supplements as this synthetic form, achieved through fermentation, is more bio available than the natural form. For example, folic acid is highly absorbed (85-95%) compared to the dietary form (50%). The folate (natural form) is easily damaged by cooking and processing, hence why folic acid is considered to be more beneficial for health.

June, 2015

Lamberts Biotin for vegetarians and vegans?

Does the Lamberts Biotin is suitable for vegetarians and vegans?.

 R/Biotin – Synthesized through fermentation so allergen free and suitable for vegans and vegetarians.


June, 2015

How are B Vitamins obtained?

How are obtained vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B6 and Choline / Inositol?.

R/ The vitamins, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, choline and inositol are produced via fermentation of vegetable starch.  They are all made to either BP or USP (British or United States Pharmacopeia) standards so are of the highest quality

June, 2015

Omega 3,6,9 & Pure Fish Oil Vitamin E

May, 2015


 A customer is interested in the green Tea. We have the total amount of “catequinas”, but they want to know specifically how much EGCG the LAMBERTS® product provides.

LAMBERTS’ Green Tea the EGCG ( epigalocatequina galato) makes up approximately 18% to 20% of the 500mg, providing about 90 to 100 mg in the mix.


May, 2015

Multi-Guard ADR ¿for vegans?

We have seen that Multi-Guard ADR is suitable for vegetarians, is it also suitable for vegans? What is the source of the Taurine that contains it?

 R/ Regarding your question yesterday on whether Multi-Guard ADR is suitable for vegans and the origins of Taurine that contains it we provide you with the flowing information: “We cannot state that Multi-Guard ADR is suitable for vegans due to the fact that the source of the vitamin D is sheep’s wool. Even though the sheep do not suffer in the process, many vegans may prefer to avoid this. In this case consumers must make a personal choice. As far as the Taurine we can say that it is suitable for vegans since it is obtained through the fermentation of vegetables and no animal products are used.”


May, 2015

Cranberry: Powder and tablets

What is the difference between the Cranberry Powder and tablets? What is more concentration? I have looked in the catalog, but not cleared me. 

R/ In response to your inquiry regarding the difference in the concentration of cranberry products, please note the following: The difference in concentration would be: 

5 grams cranberry concentrate powder = 2,470 mg of fresh cranberries.

Cranberry concentrate 750 mg tablet (only) = 18,750 mg of fresh cranberries.

There is more concentration in a single tablet. The decision also depends on whether the person prefers because have difficulty swallowing tablets. The powder contains FOS who does not have the tablet.

May, 2015

Multi-Guard for Kids for celiac ?

¿Multi-Guard for Kids is suitable for celiac? 

R/You must know that if it is not specified on the label is because it contains no gluten. The majority of the products Lamberts do not contain any known ingredients to cause allergic reactions in sensitive individuals. All our products presented in the technical catalog “None” in Note Allergen not contain any of the allergens from the following list:

Wheat, gluten, barley, soy, eggs, milk and dairy products, lactose, nuts, sulphites, celery, fish, shellfish, yeast. 

The caution on the label for this product is …”This product contains iron, which , if taken in excess may be harmful to very young children. Keep out of sight and reach. Excessive consumption may produce laxative effects.

April, 2015

Pea Protein origin

What is the origin of the raw material of Pea Protein? 

R/ Responding to his call regarding the origin of the raw material of our product Pea Protein (Code 8333-750) we inform that our supplier has confirmed that this is coming from Canada and the United States. We take this opportunity to remind you that all our products are manufactured under strict GMP pharmaceutical manufacturing standards and our buyers of raw materials are very experienced. The ingredients used in the Lamberts products are of high purity and, whenever possible, pharmaceutical grade.

April, 2015

Eliminex to make yogurt

 ¿Eliminex can be mixed with soy milk to make yogurt? 

R/ Eliminex® are fructo-oligosaccharides and can be used to prepare food, add to milk, vegetable drinks, yoghurts, hot drinks, etc. Many people use it in place of sugar, please read the package directions.

April, 2015

AZ Multi can be taken by breastfeeding ?

I want to know if your product AZ Multi can be taken by breastfeeding mothers because do not indicate either the bottle or the brochure. 

R/ Let me tell you that the product particularly suitable for pregnant women and during lactation is STRONG START MVM orSTRONG START  for Women They have adequate nutrient values for these phases as well as for women who are planning pregnancy.

April, 2015

I ask for capsules of mineral salt


I ask for capsules of mineral salts which are taken for ultra-distance racing athletes.

R / LAMBERTS® has a complete line for support to athletes and also multimineral formulas, for example, Mega Mineral Complex, whose composition can be seen at:

They are highly absorbed. However, for the sports perhaps it is better recommended a specific formulation in addition with antioxidants. This is the link of the website with the composition and also with the rest of the Sport Range (available in Spain): We are here to assist you with any questions.


March, 2015

I have been several months consuming a range of your products

I have been several months consuming a range of your products, one of them is amino acids BCAA (6 capsules daily).

I wanted to ask if it is possible to remove the capsule and only take the powder in a glass of water.

R/ you can open the capsules of amino acids and take with a little water or juice of fruits, not with milk. You also have the option of PEA PROTEIN which is complete vegetable protein powder with all the amino acids.

March, 2015

Does the product Digestizyme® have lactose, protein milk or milk in the ingredients?

Does the product Digestizyme® have lactose, protein milk or milk in the ingredients?

R/Attached you can find a full composition of the product Digestizyme. For your peace of mind, LAMBERTS® declares all its ingredients, so you can check that there are no sources of milk. Since it can be allergenic, it would be declared as such. It is a magnificent product.

February, 2015

What amount of 5-HTP is equivalent to 500 mg of tryptophan?

What amount of 5-HTP is equivalent to 500 mg of tryptophan?

R/ The tryptophan hydroxylase (TPH) is the enzyme that catalyzes the limiting step in the production of serotonin and involves the conversion of tryptophan 5-HTP. The activity of this enzyme varies among individuals and may be influenced by a number of factors. Tryptophan is also metabolized by other different ways, so not all the tryptophan becomes 5-HTP. It is therefore difficult to numerically specify the proportion of conversion, since it can vary significantly between different individuals, and can even vary in the same person due to a series of factors such as diet, the time of day, stress, medication, etc. However, a rate of equivalence between tryptophan and 5-HTP 5 to 1 or 10 to 1, seems a reasonable estimate, since, in the majority of people, take 50-100 mg of 5-HTP tends to have an effect similar to 500 mg of tryptophan.

February, 2015

What is the origin of the modified starch?

What is the origin of the modified starch?
R/ Modified starch is necessary for the tablet disintegrates in appropriate manner. It is vegetable source. Most of the people who ask us to respect usually do when in doubt of a product that contains or may carry traces of gluten. If so it would be indicated on the labeling. And it is not. Modified starch is not genetically modified maize source.

January, 2015

What excipients your vitamin C has in the Ascorbic acid form?

I wonder what excipients carries your vitamin C in the form of Ascorbic acid, or if it is completely pure.

R/ vitamin C powder of LAMBERTS® does not produce problems for celiac disease. However, if you allow me the recommendation, given that your gut is certainly very sensitive, possibly within the forms of vitamin C powder (which has no excipients that are used to compress or tableting), Ascorbate of calcium instead of Ascorbic acid (vitamin C pure), it would be better. The calcium Ascorbate is a presentation of Ascorbic acid with a small amount of calcium which prevents the acidity of Ascorbic acid and is more suitable for sensitive digestive systems. Each ¼ teaspoon dose contains: 897 mg of Ascorbic acid and 103 mg calcium. The form of Ascorbic acid contains only Ascorbic acid, i.e. by the same amount-dosage contains 1000 mg of Ascorbic acid.

January, 2015

What amount of catequins does your product Green Tea?

What amount of catequins does your product Green Tea?

R/ Lamberts Healthcare green tea product contains the equivalent of 4 small cups of tea per tablet. The catequins EGCG content is therefore approximately 18 to 20%. The reason that this amount is approximate is that the product is standardized in terms of the amount of L-Theanine and caffeine. However it ensures that the contain is not less


January, 2015
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