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The benefits of dietary supplements are increasingly recognized by international health sector agencies such as EFSA Europe, CRN, FDA and many others.

We offer in this section the answers to the questions sent to us by customers and consumers. These are posted for informational purposes only and with no intention to prescribe or replace the advice of a health professional.

Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

Technical questions from our customers, and answered by our expert technicians


Allergic to Sulfa consume Glucosamine Complete?

Can a person who is allergic to Sulfa consume Glucosamine Complete?

R / Sulfa is an antibiotic, and Glucosamine Sulfate is an organic compound found, naturally, in the fluid that lines the joints of our body. In most dietary supplements it comes from shellfish (although others can be produced in laboratories). If you are allergic to shellfish, then you should NOT take it, but it has nothing to do with the antibiotic Sulfa.

June, 2016

Chewable calcium administration

I am interested in knowing if the chewable calcium can be administered throghout the year and until what age.

R / There is really no age limit for taking it. This chewable option is for adults who have trouble swallowing tablets. For the amount that contains, you can take it all year.

The reservations must be made by a professional because it is designed to promote a varied diet with calcium and vitamin D.

June, 2016

What are bioflavonoids and where do they come from?

What are bioflavonoids and where do they come from? Specifically in Vitamin C 1000 mg

R/ Our bioflavonoids come from citrus, and are indicated on the product label. The flavonoids are plant substances, water-soluble molecules, and represent a large part of the yellow, red and blue vegetable dyes. They are usually found in the inner white part of the skin of citrus fruits; among them are known routine, quercetin and hesperidin citrine.

Bioflavonoids are naturally occurring, organic plant pigments that appear to assist in the availability and use of vitamin C, and are particularly important in maintaining the structure of the blood vessels since they support collagen integrity. Some bioflavonoids have antioxidant capabilities rather like vitamin C, and have been shown in vitro to protect both vitamin C and adrenalin from oxidation by cooper containing enzymes. 

May, 2016

For how long should the Zinc 25 mg be consumed?

For how long should the Zinc 25 mg be consumed?

R/ The Zinc 25mg should be utilized for short term use to correct deficiencies quickly. For ongoing maintenance use Zinc 15mg.

The Zinc has many benefits for the body as it contributes to:

  • Acid-base balance normal and normal metabolism of carbohydrates
  • The normal cognitive function and DNA synthesis
  • The normal metabolism of macronutrients, fatty acids and vitamin A
  • Normal functioning of the immune system, protecting cells against oxidative damage system and the process of cell division
  • Maintenance, in normal condition, the vision, bones, skin, hair and nails

May, 2016

L-Glutamine powder has lactose?

I want to know if L-Glutamine powder 500 mg of Lamberts has lactose.

R/ Is suitable for vegans and vegetarians, and it is free of lactose and gelatin. Most Lamberts products do not contain any of the ingredients known to cause allergic reactions and when an allergen is present in the product is clearly described in the product label. Additionally since it is a powder it does not contain excipients (inactive ingredients). 

May, 2016

Product for oral health, bleeding gums

I am interested in knowing if there is a specific product for oral health, bleeding gums.

R/ There are many nutrients that can help in that regard, but the main thing would be to find the root cause, for example: periodontal disease can severely increase in cases of uncontrolled diabetes and severe bruxism may indicate stress and anxiety. These situations may require an integrated approach involving a health professional. In other cases, the severity of symptoms can be influenced by biochemical imbalances that have not yet progressed to medical conditions.

In our website you will find a good explanation on the nutrients that can help improve oral health and specifically periodontal disease which sometimes causes bleeding of the gums, in which case the intake of vitamin C is recommended. Among others, suggests also phytochemical, probiotics, antioxidant vitamins and minerals, plus Co-Q10 and omega 3 fatty acids, etc. 

May, 2016

Peppermint Oil of distal release?


Is your Peppermint Oil of distal release?

R/ The release of a product can be sustained release (it is released slowly so that there is no need to take many pills a day), or it may be gastro-resistant, which is intestinal release. It is released in the digestive system, because it acts both in the stomach and intestine by essential oils. 


May, 2016

Non-acidic vitamin C for infections

What option of non-acidic vitamin C, would be better for infections?: Gentle C, Ester C or Ascorbic Acid?

R/ With the exception of the original form of vitamin C (ascorbic acid), all other options are valid. Gentle C provides calcium, so the choice depends on other needs. If calcium intake is preferred then the Gentle C is the best option. Any of the other two are useful and you may adjust the dose. 

May, 2016

Could Co Q-10 supplement be causing my insomnia?

Could my consumption of Co Q-10 supplement be causing my insomnia?

Yes, it is possible because the nutrient plays a key role in energy production in the body. If you are taking your dose in the evening, consider changing to the morning or lunchtime. 

April, 2016

L-Carnitine in weight loss

What is the role of L-Carnitine in weight loss?

LAMBERTS® does not generally provide supplements for weight loss, however there is data to support the validity of carnitina in this regard, being the preferred by athletes because it plays a role in the thermogenesis (heat production) of brown adipose tissue and in the regulation of gluconeogenesis.

Its most important known metabolic function is to transport long chain fatty acids into the mitochondria of muscle cells, including those in the myocardium for oxidation. The Carnitine is also responsible for removing waste products from the mitochondria.

LAMBERTS® L-Carnitine is structured in such a way that is ready to be absorbed by the body without needing to be broken down by digestive enzymes. It contains no caffeine so it can be combined with other products.

Each capsule provides a full 500mg of pure L-Carnitine, provided by 745mg of a compound called L-Carnitine L-tartrate. Some companies label their product as if this compound is 100% L-Carnitine, but it is actually only 67% L-Carnitine. However LAMBERTS® does it correctly and our product is made in the UK to pharmaceutical GMP standards.

L-Carnitine is one of the most popular amino acid supplements and because the raw material is relatively expensive we advise some caution when choosing L-carnitine supplements, particularly imported products. 

April, 2016

Glucosamine and chondroitin for diabetic

Could you tell me if a diabetic person can take glucosamine and chondroitin, or you can it raise your sugar?

R/ There is not conclusive studies but it has happened in some cases, so we do not recommend glucosamine alone to a diabetic person. Glucosamine Complete is a better option, however it should still be evaluated; and if not Chondroitin, rosehips..

April, 2016

Melatonin in 100 ml Lamberts® Cherry Concentrate


How much melatonin can contain 100 ml Cherry Concentrate Lamberts®?

R/ With regards to your enquiry, it is correct that sour Montmorency cherries, such as those used in Lamberts Cherry Concentrate, are a natural source of melatonin however we do not standardise this in our formula. As it turns out, the sour cherries do not work on the production of melatonin alone in its effects on sleep.

You may be interested in the following study led by Dr. Glyn Howatson in 2012, where 20 healthy volunteers were given 30 mL servings of Montmorency tart cherry juice concentrate for seven days and then compared to placebo. These participants demonstrated significantly increased time in bed, total sleep time and total sleep efficiency and that this was related to an increase in melatonin.

A later study in 2014 then which showed that two glasses a day of Montmorency cherry juice can ensure a better night’s sleep resulting in up to 90 minutes extra sleep time.

Liu, A., Tipton, R., Pan, W., Finley, J., Prudente, A., Karki, N., … & Greenway, F. (2014). Tart cherry juice increases sleep time in older adults with insomnia (830.9). The FASEB Journal, 28(1 Supplement), 830-9:

This paper specifically examined why tart cherry juice appears to have a greater effect in improving sleep than melatonin alone and they concluded that, besides the natural component of melatonin in sour cherries, there are other nutrients in the Montmorency tart cherry juice which also improves how the body uses tryptophan. This tryptophan is converted into serotonin and melatonin, which further improves sleep over several hours or even days.



March, 2016

Yellow urine with Strongstart

I have noticed my urine has turned yellow after consuming Strongstart.

A/ yellow urine the second or third time you urinate is a metabolic sign of the B vitamins and it is completely normal.


March, 2016

Glucomannan difference

One capsule of LAMBERTS’ Glucomannan makes a superior difference on me as compared with other brands on the market. I can go for 6 hours without feeling hunger. What is this difference due to?

In LAMBERTS’ Glucomannan we specifically use a highly purified and standardized extract, which has the highest quality level possible and is different from the formulas derived from yeast. The high quality of our capsules guarantee that the glucomannan be released in the stomach, where it is most needed. This makes it the best and most convenient formula to add to your dietary regimen. Our supplements are manufactured under the strict manufacturing norms GMP, which guarantee the quality of the product, from the selection of the raw material to the finishing of the product before it hits the shelves.

March, 2016

Is Vitamin C fructose and sorbitol free?

I would like to know if the vitamin C you sell is fructose and sorbitol free.

A/ we have various vitamin C configurations in our range, from powdered to time-release capsules. The powdered vitamins Cs do not contain inactive ingredients (excipients). In general, the tablets that contain fructose or sorbitol are the chewable ones. LAMBERTS® details on its labels the active and inactive ingredients. As far as allergens, yes, the product contains some allergens, like soy. We indicate it on the label in “bold”. If it’s not detailed on the label that means it is not part of the product formulation. March, 2016

March, 2016

Pea Protein: Profile of Amino Acids


I would like to know the profile of amino acids contained in your pea protein as compared to other protein products, such as whey or hemp. Are there any differences regarding digestibility and absorption? Also would like to know if the reason why you only produce pea as protein powder is because it offers less potential to allergies. Finally, I know that powders are not to be used in cooking/heating, as they are very sensitive and can alter their structure. Is this the same for pea protein?.

R/ The profile of amino acids in the Lamberts Pea Protein may be found on the pot label and also on the Lamberts Española website.

Lamberts® Pea Protein is a highly concentrated protein product sourced from yellow peas. The extraction and purification processes raise the protein content from the normal level of 6% in fresh peas to 80% in this product. This unique process produces protein that is highly soluble and therefore easy to digest and absorb. We specifically chose peas as the source of protein because the amino acid profile is excellent as it is rich in ‘branched chain amino acids’ (leucine, isoleucine and valine) and is richer in arginine than any other commercially available protein. Arginine is involved in the immune system response to challenges and also plays a part in weight control.

Pea protein has many uses as it is free from wheat, gluten, dairy products, eggs, soya and animal products. It is unsweetened and has a mild savoury taste making it useful for mixing in to soups and stews. It can also be blended with fruit such as a banana to make a fruit smoothie.

  • Can be used for recovering from illness and/or have low appetites.
  • Popular with sport people looking for a protein for muscle development and endurance but want to avoid dairy or soya based products.
  • Useful for slimmers and people with food cravings as provides slow release energy.

If you would prefer another source of protein, then you may wish to consider the Lamberts range of whey protein formulas in our sports range.

January, 2016

Pea Protein in Lipoprotein-A- cholesterol

I wanted to share a response formulated for a customer who was concerned about Pea Protein increasing their Lipoprotein-A- cholesterol. This may be useful for you.

R/ Lipoprotein A concentrations have a tendency to be affected by disease states, (for instance kidney failure), but are only slightly affected by diet, exercise, and other environmental factors.

There is no scientific evidence which indicates, or even suggests, that Pea protein increases lipoprotein A levels.

If you are concerned about high levels of Lipoprotein A and wish to avoid consuming fish, you may wish to consider Lamberts Plant Sterols. We all have a good idea which foods are high in cholesterol but what is not generally known is that our body produces its own cholesterol which is secreted into the digestive system in the form of bile to aid the digestive process. In this way a huge amount of cholesterol is secreted and reabsorbed every day irrespective of the amount of cholesterol present in the food we are eating.

Plant sterols are useful because they block cholesterol from being re-absorbed from the gut into the bloodstream, and any cholesterol not absorbed is simply excreted. This is why diets high in plant sterols can help to control blood cholesterol levels, and why plant sterols are now added to some specialist margarines. Although plant sterols are naturally present in vegetable oils and grains, modern diets tend to be low in these important nutrients, and so it may be difficult to always achieve optimum levels from diet alone.

Each Lamberts Plant Sterol tablet contains 400mg of free plant sterols, with up to 80% beta-sitosterols. We quote the level of pure plant sterols, not the compound weight declared by some companies that may be only 50% sterols. This can make a useful contribution to our daily intake, without any unnecessary additional calories.

Other formulas you may wish to research are Lamberts Ibisene which is an artichoke preparation which increases bile production and Lamberts Soya Lecithin which emulsifies fats in the diet.

January, 2016

Our products are GMO-free?

Our products are GMO-free?

R/ Across all our (hundreds, thousands) of products only a tiny proportion are at risk of having originated from a crops affected by GM. Principally these are soya and vitamin E and so we spend a lot of money on ensuring that the sources we buy from abide with our GM-free requirements”.

December, 2015

Help to increase estrogen

What product can recommend to help increase estrogen in a person allergic to soy?

R/ We recommend Extra High Potency Evening Primrose Oil (8505) and Sage (8577).

December, 2015

StrongStart® MVM after giving birth?

Is it advisable to continue taking StrongStart® MVM after giving birth?

R/ Personally I usually recommend to my patients to take it throughout the period of lactation even. If for some reason, there is not breastfeeding, continue taking a couple of months for a good recovery.

November, 2015

Cimicifuga Racemosa and Lutein

I am taking for menopausal symptoms Cimicifuga Racemosa, but the question I have is that I’m taking also Lutein, and I do not know if they are incompatible.

R/ There is no incompatibility. Eyewise, with lutein, zeaxanthin and antioxidants is a great product to protect vision.

November, 2015

Multi-Guard® for kids: gluten free?

I would like to know if your product Multi-Guard® for kids is gluten free.

R/ Thank you for your interest in the Lamberts range. We can confirm that the majority of the Lamberts range is gluten free, including Multi-Guard for Kids. Any major allergens, such as gluten, would by law need to be stated on the product label.

November, 2015

Soya Isoflavones are in the form of aglycone?

Soya Isoflavones are in the form of aglycone?.

R/ We do not use Aglycone soya, we use unfermented soya.

September, 2015

What is the source os Alpha Lipoic Acid?

What is the source os Alpha Lipoic Acid?

R/ The Lamberts ALA is synthesized from Adipic Acid which is vegetarian friendly and contains no known allergens.

September, 2015

Vegetarian Glucosamine Origin

What is the source of the Vegetarian Glucosamine?

R/ Vegetarian Glucosamine is from maize.


September, 2015
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