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Raw material for Ubiquinol and Ubiquinone

What is the source of raw material for our Ubiquinol and Ubiquinone?

Our Ubiquinoll and Ubiquinona  is from Kaneka QH?

June, 2018

Could Co Q-10 supplement be causing my insomnia?

Could my consumption of Co Q-10 supplement be causing my insomnia?

Yes, it is possible because the nutrient plays a key role in energy production in the body. If you are taking your dose in the evening, consider changing to the morning or lunchtime. 

April, 2016

Animal gelatin in Q10

Does the Animal gelatin in Q10 is fish, pork, sheep?

 R / We only use pharmaceutical grade bovine gelatin which meets the exacting standards of Gelatin Manufacturers of Europe Association (GMEA).

July, 2015
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Lamberts Española S.L.
Sole distributor for Spain


Lamberts Española, is since 1989 the sole distributor of LAMBERTS® products in Spain and Gibraltar. Quality and Security can be imitated, but not achieved.