Beta Glucan Complex. One a Day

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What are the Betaglucans?

R/ Betaglucans or Beta-glucans are a very beneficial type of fiber found in some vegetables and help maintain normal blood cholesterol levels.

We can find betaglucans in foods such as oats or barley, and the consumption of them from this source helps reduce the rise in blood glucose after eating. We also find them in the form of supplements, constituting another ideal alternative to take advantage of their benefits without modifying our diet.

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Is LAMBERTS® Selenium Organic or Inorganic?

R/ Practically all our formulations of both selenium and compound formulas are organic selenium (L-selenomethionine) or a combination of organic and inorganic selenium (L-selenomethionine + sodium selenite). The presentation containing only inorganic selenium is BetaGlucan Complex (sodium selenite).