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I am losing a lot of hair as a result of postpartum, so I would like to know if there are any contraindications with Maxi-Hair® tablets while breastfeeding.

R) Lamberts® states on its product labels all ingredients, both active and inactive (excipients), and possible allergens in bold. It is legally mandatory to reflect on the labels of any product the possible allergens that contain it and the precautions, that is why we faithfully reflect the composition of the product on the label.

The Maxi-Hair® product does not put a contraindication for pregnant or lactating women. Find the label link here for more information: Maxi-Hair® 

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If Florisene® is for a specific type of hair loss, what Lamberts® formula contains the nutrients recommended for the maintenance of hair in men and women who do not need Florisene?

R /Florisene® is a vitamin complex formulated to address the most common hair loss in women, Chronic Telogenic Effluvium or CTE.

When serum ferritin decreases below a certain point, which may vary according to the individual, the hair growth cycle is interrupted causing its fall. In some women this causes a gradual hair loss and volume. In others, hair loss is very obvious, with a greater fall when washing or brushing hair.

Maxi Hair® is a multi-nutrient formula that contains a significant amount of iron and a good selection of nutrients, (including B vitamins and biotin), which contribute to the normal maintenance of the skin, hair and nails, and can be used by both sexes

The two formulas should not be taken, because we would be excessively doubling the intake of nutrients such as iron. That is why we say that when you take Maxi Hair® do not take any other multi formula, including Florisene®.

It is important to know the specific cause of hair loss, since there could be many, from stress, CTE, low iron, hereditary, etc. This must be clarified by the health professional.

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Is Florisene® suitable for men?

R/ Florisene® is a supplement that is high in iron and has been formulated for a particular type of hair loss related to having low serum ferritin (iron stores) in the body.  This is most common in women, and might only be appropriate for a man whose iron stores were very low. This is best determined by a blood test. Hair loss is men can often be hereditary or sometimes due to stress. Stress related hair loss may be supported by the use of a good multivitamin and mineral preparation such as Maxi Hair® and Fish Oil. Both of these supplements ensure that your body is getting all the vital nutrients it needs for optimum health. There is currently no supplementary support for hereditary type hair loss.

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I was about to buy Maxi Hair, but I saw it contains titanium dioxide. It is as harmful as it says?…I thought that Lamberts did not use this component in their products. I am waiting for your news.

R/ Thank you for contacting us at Lamberts Española. While you question the use of titanium dioxide, we provide you information that I think will be have interest to you and for your peace of mind.

The excipients or inactive ingredients used by Lamberts Healthcare in the manufacture of LAMBERT® products are completely safe, natural and are approved by the Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain.

Also should you know that are used in minimal quantities to ensure manufacturing and most of them are not absorbed by the organism when it comes of large molecules, how is the case of titanium dioxide. Herewith you can see attached the list of inactive ingredients that contain our products and their features. The manufacture of the products does not use hazardous excipients as aspartame, or sodium glutamate.

Also in regards to active nutrients, these are the highest degree of purity available and are tested before being used to detect dangerous agents how aflatoxin, antibiotics, genetically modified ingredients, preservatives biocides, microbiological contaminants, irradiated ingredients, heavy metal, polychlorinated biphenyls, cyclic poly aromatic hydrocarbons, pesticides. The manufacture of the products is made following the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), stricter quality control that exists and that many other nutritional supplements on the market do not use. Anyway you can continue consuming our products with complete peace of mind.