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Multi-Guard ADR Lamberts

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Multi-Guard ADR Lamberts
Multi-Guard ADR Multivitamínico con Extractos de plantas

Dry extract or ginseng root powder ?

I would like to ask you if the information indicated on the package corresponds to dry extract or ginseng root powder, as well as if red or white ginseng is used. Finally, ask you if the reason why   market the product as a food supplement is because it allows extending the marketing channel not only to pharmacies but also to the herbalists and other points of sale.

A) Panax ginseng corresponds to the common name of red or white ginseng according to age. In the case of the root prepared by Lamberts is 6 years, therefore it is red. There is also the total percentage of gingenosides, but it is not differentiated. The label indicates the equivalent amount of substance not extracted and the extract. So 120 mg of the extract is equivalent to 1200 mg without concentrating. Our marketing channel extends to all professional establishments. Although some years ago food supplements and herbal extracts were mostly marketed in herbalists and dietetics, nowadays their acquisition is also established in pharmacies and in duly accredited establishments.

December, 2017

Multi-Guard ADR ¿for vegans?

We have seen that Multi-Guard ADR is suitable for vegetarians, is it also suitable for vegans? What is the source of the Taurine that contains it?

 R/ Regarding your question yesterday on whether Multi-Guard ADR is suitable for vegans and the origins of Taurine that contains it we provide you with the flowing information: “We cannot state that Multi-Guard ADR is suitable for vegans due to the fact that the source of the vitamin D is sheep’s wool. Even though the sheep do not suffer in the process, many vegans may prefer to avoid this. In this case consumers must make a personal choice. As far as the Taurine we can say that it is suitable for vegans since it is obtained through the fermentation of vegetables and no animal products are used.”


May, 2015
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