Acidophilus Extra 10. One a Day

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Can I take other food supplements with Acidophilus Extra 10? What nutrients would complement it?

A/ There is no problem in taking other supplements with this product. However, using oral antibiotics at the same time could reduce their effectiveness.

Supplements containing FOS (fructo-oligosaccharides), which is a form of soluble fiber, are relevant as harmless live bacteria use it as a food source. By taking FOS, you can selectively feed beneficial live bacteria, allowing them to flourish and grow relative to pathogenic bacteria. Lamberts FOS is a pure natural soluble fiber derived from chicory roots.

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“Which are the uses of Probioguard® and Lactobacillus Ácidophilus products?”

While both products appear to be similar, Probioguard ® would be most suitable for trips to places where hygiene surely will not be the same as here, in as to standards of safety, possible infections or infestations, etc.

Ácidophilus Extra 10 would be more appropriate when there is a significant deterioration of the intestinal flora for the uses of antibiotics, laxatives, gastroenteritis, etc. It is also worth to travel, but do not have the same strains as the previous.