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What is the source of lactase?

What is the source of lactase?

 R/The Lamberts lactase is formed from Aspergillus Oryzae. Lactase produced commercially can be extracted both from yeasts such as Kluyveromyces fragilis and Kluyveromyces lactis and from fungi, such as Aspergillus niger and Aspergillus oryzae.

Lamberts use Aspergillus oryzae as a source which is a probiotic filamentous fungi commonly used in the fermentation process of soybeans, rice, grain and potatoes. It is used to make certain fermented Asian foods like tempeh, soy sauce, miso, sake, and rice vinegars. This fermentation process produces enzymes which are known to be beneficial to both humans and animals. In particular, aspergillus oryzae produces the enzyme amylase, an important enzyme for a healthy gut and good digestion. The Lamberts Lactase has an activity of 65,000 lactase units per gram.


July, 2015
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