Betaine HCL 324mg / Pepsin 5mg

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Betaine HCI and Pepsin 5 dosage

I am taking Betaine HCI 324 mg and Pepsin 5 mg in tablets. I think it is too strong for me and I would like to try half a tablet (half a dose). Can I split it and take it?

R/ The tablets in this supplement are designed to dissolve in the stomach, which is where acidification is required, since it releases hydrochloric acid, the same acid that occurs naturally in the stomach (but does not alter gastric acidity). In this way it helps replace part of the acidity loss in the stomach, thus cooperating in the digestion of food.

The tablets are made to fulfill a purpose during their disintegration time. To achieve this goal, excipients are used (also called inactive ingredients, since they have no nutritional contribution). If the tablet is broken, some stomach sensitive people may cause discomfort, since the disintegration objective would not be met in the manner established in the manufacture of the tablet.

Many people swallowing the crushed or broken tablet, which is prepared to open in the stomach, notice the taste of the ingredients, which is not always pleasant, and this can be perceived as irritation, (not necessarily as burning), but Betaine is precisely a product that we recommend NOT TO crush the tablet, since it is very acidic. The best thing would be to always swallow it whole or chop it in two and swallow, but the drawback is that you can notice a strong taste. Additionally, we cannot guarantee that just half of the tablet contains half the dose, since it is not marked for that use.

It is important to be sure that the problem is hypo or achlorhydria. Otherwise, you could have problems due to improper use.

Food supplements are not medicines, although we find them in the form of tablets or capsules, but necessary nutrients, which in many cases we cannot acquire adequately from regular food, but which, when they are concentrated healthy substances, collaborate in optimally completing our individual nutritional requirements.


Is the PMG Betaine the same as the Betaine of LAMBERTS ®?

An elite professional has ordered to us Betaína PMG. Is it the same as our Betaine?.

R/ In Biochemistry and natural sciences in general PMG can mean several words in regarding with Betaine, I am afraid that it is a brand that really I don’t know here in our country, I know it, as a brand, in Eastern countries. The Betaine of Lamberts Healthcare is of the highest quality and purity (which can be one of the possible meanings PMG). Assuming it refers to a brand of Asian countries, it is possible here not be achieved.

When referring to “elite” professional I want to interpret it that refers to an athlete. In any case, I suggest you offer our product when you are sure that the athlete does not have any position of contraindications or problems of hyperacidity and heartburn. Athletes use them in their training, but it is important to make sure that he has not gastritis or digestive problem taking it correctly as shown in the container.

Does the Betaine cause heartburn?

A client cannot swallow pills and it takes all crushed. Taking it crushed she tells me that she feels burning in the throat and that she could not take it. Can the cause of the burning be for being crushed?

R/ Many people uses to swallow crushed something that is ready to open in the stomach and they notice the taste of ingredients which is not always nice, and this can be perceived as irritation, (not necessarily as burning), but the Betaine personally I think first it would be better swallow it whole and secondly, to know if really needed. On the other hand, when you say crushed would it mean pulverized? It is very acidic, I repeat, I wouldn’t. Another thing is to cut into pieces and swallow-reaching the stomach ready to work, but “crushing, or pulverizing”, I would not…Unfortunately people sometimes have different words for the same thing.