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Can I take other food supplements with Acidophilus Extra 10? What nutrients would complement it?

A/ There is no problem in taking other supplements with this product. However, using oral antibiotics at the same time could reduce their effectiveness.

Supplements containing FOS (fructo-oligosaccharides), which is a form of soluble fiber, are relevant as harmless live bacteria use it as a food source. By taking FOS, you can selectively feed beneficial live bacteria, allowing them to flourish and grow relative to pathogenic bacteria. Lamberts FOS is a pure natural soluble fiber derived from chicory roots.

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Does Eliminex® have inulin?

R/ Purified FOS (containing no other ingredients) is equivalent to inulin. In Eliminex there is only FOS, that is, inulin, and therefore you have to watch out for possible side effects that normally indicate that they are working, on the packaging it is indicated and refers to a slight swelling due to the prebiotic effect. When the flora level is adequate, it does not occur.

The chicory fiber called inulin found in this product has the effect of feeding friendly gut bacteria. Unfortunately, if you’re not used to a higher intake of soluble fiber, this can initially cause temporary bloating and flatulence. This is not a cause for concern, but if it is proving difficult to handle, we recommend that you reduce the dose of FOS you are using to around eight, a quarter or a half teaspoon, and then wait more than two weeks for the full dose. If you are still experiencing flatulence even after reducing the dose, let us know and we can discuss some alternative products for you. (For technical questions, see Clinical Document H, cited above).

The inulin fiber found in FOS is not absorbed into the bloodstream, but passes through the digestive system as soluble fibers, similar to the pectin found in fruits and vegetables. Studies have shown that inulin does not affect blood sugar levels.

If you need any more ingredients, Artichoke, which is artichoke extract, is a source of inulin. But FOS and Inulin are equivalent names.

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 ¿Eliminex can be mixed with soy milk to make yogurt? 

R/ Eliminex® are fructo-oligosaccharides and can be used to prepare food, add to milk, vegetable drinks, yoghurts, hot drinks, etc. Many people use it in place of sugar, please read the package directions.

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Can a diabetic take Eliminex ®?

R/ Eliminex® can be used by people with diabetes, since it is a soluble fiber not absorbable by the body, not raises blood glucose levels. In fact, this is one of the great advantages of this product also, can help to decrease the levels of fat in blood if they are elevated. The container describes in detail how to use it. Follow the instructions, some gases at the beginning is indicative that the product is working and the intestinal flora is repopulated.