Betaglucans: natural immune system stimulators

Very interesting article about Betaglucans and the studies and works that have been carried out on them since the 40s.

From these studies, there have been claims such as Betaglucans "could be the most important known natural immunomodulator."

From clinical trials conducted with Betaglucans as nutritional supplementation, conclusions have been obtained such as "one of the most potent stimulators of the immune system"

By Lamberts Española.

Betaglucans – polysaccharides present in some cereals, algae, yeasts and fungi – are natural stimulators of the immune system whose medicinal properties have been known and valued in the East for more than two millennia although in the West they will not begin to be investigated until the middle of the past 20th century with the aim of manufacturing drugs that mimic their properties.

And there are so many possibilities that constitute an important preventive and therapeutic tool whose intake allows facing a large number of pathologies, including cancer.

See the full article in Discovery Health Number 161:

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