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Food Supplements

Food Suppements: What are? Which are their benefits? Why are necessary?


We must be clear that food supplements are not drugs, while we find them in the form of tablets and capsules. They are nutrients that, in many cases, we cannot acquire properly from the regular feeding, since current lifestyles don’t always allow it; then, to obtain optimal levels of nutrients is required intake through these products..

The use of natural food supplements in Spain is growing, since there is more awareness among the population about the benefits obtained by preventing nutritional deficiencies that sometimes can cause many health disorders. Those nutrients essential contained in the food supplements are usually: vitamins, minerals, amino acids, supports digestive, nutrients accessories and other natural important substances.

Today there are numerous studies that recognize the importance of the nutrients for general well-being; as well as for the oral health, since shortcomings may also have impact on it. Is by this that every day grows the number of health professional that uses these products in their daily practice.

Currently due to the intense pace of life, we cannot always guarantee an adequate and balanced nutrition. Among other factors, agricultural procedures and processing of food, cause a loss of the value and quality of the nutrients present in them.

Food supplements are usually developed under a range of different formulas to meet the needs of certain groups of people who share some common micronutrient requirements. It is well known that a formula multi nutrient is often the mainstay of a supplementation program. We must know that the correct manufacture of the tablets or capsules is essential. The ultimate purpose is the real absorption in the body.

Fortunately many companies distribute nutrients orthomolecular; all of them offer great information of its proven benefits. There is also a continuous dissemination through internet, Journals of nutrition, scientific studies, presentations etc., showing more and more interest in preventive health. Consumers understand that to be supplemented adequately is natural and fundamental, and when they feel the benefits in their own, satisfaction is immense.

At international and European level are being already recognizing the beneficial effects of food supplements. Thus EFSA in Europe, every day approves and supports to publish and implement the many proven benefits of food supplements. In the same way the CRN or Counsil of Responsible Nutrition of the United States, recommend to the population the use of food supplements to avoid multiple ailments.

The labeling is very important. It must be clear and informative, so that the consumer can know details and ingredients contained in the product. A good labeling must show both active ingredients as inactive, separately, indicating the batch and expiration date for a correct traceability. In this regard LAMBERTS ® is a pioneer. The labeling is informative and accurate. Nothing is hidden!

In the case of Lamberts The Professional Range we can also ensure that all of their supplements are manufactured under GMP pharmaceutical manufacturing standards and controlled by the Agency for the Control of Medicine of the Department of Health of the United Kingdom. All formulations are based on a sound and rational scientific basis.

To work pioneer in this sense made in the mid-20th century by the doctors Irwin Stone, Abraham Hoffer, Humphrey Osmond, Roger Williams, and Ernest T. Krebs, joined later the excellent research and dissemination work of the double prize Nobel Professor Linus Pauling, molecular biologist, who in 1968 made first the terms of nutrition and orthomolecular medicine.

Orthomolecular medicine is defined as the prevention and treatment of disease, providing the optimal amounts of substances that are natural to the body.

As succinctly described, investigations of numerous nutritional health care scientists have demonstrated the efficacy of the beneficial use of food supplements for the human well-being.

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