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By: Lamberts Española, S.L.

Expo Eco Salud 2019: Barcelona 12, 13 and 14 April

In the year of our 30th anniversary, we could not miss the Expo Eco Salud Fair, held in 2019 in Barcelona.

Full of enthusiasm and desire for contact with the public, again were 3 days of really enriching moments.

One more year, we want to thank all the people who, in different ways, are at our side so that we can continue to be a means of wellbeing and we can continue to develop new products focused on different needs.

Lamberts Española at Expo salud 2019


Expo Eco Salud 2018: Madrid 11, 12 and 13 May.

One more year Lamberts Española SL was present at the Expo Eco Salud Fair, held this year 2018 in Madrid.

With our team  fully dedicated from the first to the last day and with the same enthusiasm as always, these have been 3 days of contact with the public that, once again, offered us the possibility to talk, inform and listen.

Our way towards our target  of bringing well-being to all people through responsible nutrition, seeing how each year the showcases of our stand welcome new products with the Seals of Guarantee, Quality, Safety and Sustainability of LAMBERTS® products.

And our most sincere gratitude to all the people who for many years travel this road with us, as well as those who join each year and give us the opportunity to be a means to their well-being.

Lamberts at Expo Eco Salud 2018

Expo Eco Salud 2017: Barcelona 21, 22 and 23 April.

As in previous years, the Lamberts Española SL team came as exhibitors to the ” Expo Eco Salud”, which was held in Barcelona this time.

From the design of the stand to the moment of the return to Madrid, we live every moment with the illusion of the first time in 1989.

One more time, the meetings and conversations with customers and consumers, both known and unknown, and the testimonies we had the honor of hearing and live live, once again filled us with satisfaction.

The progress continues and it is a pride to witness the paradigm shift that is gradually taking place in our country in terms of Food Supplements and Natural Therapies, with an increase in knowledge and awareness of the enormous capacity to provide well-being that they have .

Thank you to all the people who place their trust in us. You are our reason for being and your well-being the objective of our daily work.

See you in 2018.

Stand de Lambets Española en Expo Salud 2017

Lamberts Española stand at “Expo Salud 2017”

VIII Extremadura Congress of Natural Therapies

May 28, 2016 at Las Lomas Hotel: Av. Reina Sofía, 78 – 06800 – (Mérida) Badajoz

I International Congress (Spanish Society of Nutrition and Orthomolecular Medicine)

April 28, 29 and 30, 2016

Stand 11 Illustrious College of Physicians of Madrid: c / Sta. Isabel, 51 28012 – Madrid

Lamberts Española participates as an exhibitor and as speaker with the presentation “What brings us nutritional supplementation in situations of fatigue due to intense physical activity?” given by Aurora Roque Galindo.

All the information here.

Expo Eco Salud 2016: Madrid 22, 23 and 24 April.

As in previous years, Lamberts Española S.L was present at the Expo Eco Health Fair whose 17th edition had Madrid as its headquarters.

Once again, it was a few days full of enthusiasm that began with the design and preparation of the new booth and culminated with the satisfaction of having been able to enjoy meetings, conversations and testimonies enormously rewarding, which make us continue to believe that more and more people who benefit from our products and in general of everything that our sector can and wants to contribute.

We also witnessed the continuous progress and research that day after day and year after year continues to advance with spectacular and surprising results.

For all of this, once again we thank every one of the people who believe in us and give value to our daily work: Being at the forefront of Responsible Nutrition and bringing Wellness to all people.

We look forward to seeing you all in 2017.

Equipo de Lamberts Española Expo salud 2016
Presidents and some memberts of the Lamberts Española Team at Expo Salud 2016

Lamberts Española stand expo salud 2016
Lamberts Española´s stand at Expo Salud 2016


Lamberts Española S.L. y la Universidad de Verano. II edición. 

Programa Philipus – Real Centro Universitario Escorial María Cristina

Lamberts Española S.L., retoma sus cursos de formación, unidos en esta ocasión a la Universidad de Verano PHILIPPUS- THUBAN que ofrece un programa con títulos universitarios del “Real Centro Universitario del Escorial-María Cristina”, reconocidos en los países de la Unión Europea, que requieren titulación oficial para ejercer la profesión. Sólo las formaciones acreditadas obtienen éste reconocimiento.

Lamberts Española S.L ofrece un 30% de beca sus clientes profesionales.

Para ello debe enviar los formularios debidamente cumplimentados a:

PHILIPPUS-THUBAN. Avda. Brasilia No. 3 y 5. 28028, Madrid. Teléfono: 91 435 0290.


XXXIV Congreso de la AEMN. 23 y 24 de Octubre de 2015:

Lamberts Española S.L, participará como colaborador del evento. Se desarrollarán conferencias, exposición comercial, y entrega de carteras de los congresistas.


Patrocinio de Talleres de VIPASSANA 18,19 Y 20 de Septiembre: 

Lamberts Española S.L patrocina uno de los talleres de VIPASSANA, y le invita a asistir gratuitamente. Si desea conocer más detalles sobre el talle, pongase en contacto con el teléfono: 93 459 2766.


Fundación Alborada – VIII Congreso Internacional de Medicina Ambiental:

Como en años anteriores la Fundación Alborada tuvo el placer de organizar este evento en el que Lamberts Española S.L participó como entidad colaboradora.





Feria Expo Eco Salud 2015 : Barcelona 17, 18 y 19 de abril.

Como en años anteriores, Lamberts Española S.L estuvo presente en  Feria Expo Eco Salud en Barcelona, que en este año 2015 celebró su 16ª edición los días 17 al 19 de abril.

Lamberts Españona en Exposalud 2015- Stand 1  

Al igual que en participaciones anteriores, fue una experiencia muy gratificante, ya que nos permitió tanto acercarnos a quien aún no nos conoce, como compartir bonitos e interesantes ratos de conversación con nuestros clientes y consumidores.

Expo Salud 2015 Barcelona- Stand Lamberts  

También nos llenó de alegría comprobar  como nuestro sector continúa creciendo y lo hace sobre todo de la mano de la investigación y continuos descubrimientos y avances.


II Congreso Andaluz de Terapias Naturales

Participación de Lamberts Española S.L como entidad colaboradora. Este congreso agrupa a los profesionales que utilizan métodos naturales de salud, como son los técnicos en Naturopatía, Osteopatía, Acupuntura, Homeopatía, Kinesiología, practicante de Shiatsu, Quiromasaje y Reflexología.



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