Changes in Formulas or presentations

Improved Formulas at Lamberts®

Improved Formulas at LAMBERTS®

>Glucosamine Complete - Code 8512-120

New formulation of our previous product 8512-120. The ingredients change: Glucosamine sulfate is now GlucosaGreen® and Chondroitin Sulfate is replaced by FitodroitinTM, both being vegetable alternatives to the previous compounds and the product suitable for Vegans and Vegetarians.. Ver producto

>Concentrado de Cerezas- Código 8602-200

New formulation and size of our previous product 8602-500. Now with added Vitamin C. See product.

>Imuno-Strength® - Code 8601-200

New formulation and size of our previous product 8601-500. Now with added Vitamin C and Zinc.  See product.

> Vegan Vitamin D3 1000 ui (25 µg) - Code 8137-90

The vegetable source of vitamin D3 is modified from lichen to alga. Provides a total of 1000 IU of vitamin D3 per capsule. Suitable for vegetarians and vegans. See product

> Ginkgo 6.000mg - Code 8542-60

New presentation of our Ginkgo 30 tabs. 60 tabs instead of 30 for better adaptation to needs.

> Saw Palmetto 160mg - Code 8573-60

New presentation of our Saw Palmetto. 60 capsules instead of 120 for better adaptation to needs.

> NAC 600 mg - Code 8308-60

This new presentation of 60 capsules replaces the previous one of 90 capsules with better value for money. With each container of 60 capsules you have for two months.

> Garlic 1650 mg - Code 8585-60

A new presentation of our valued product, now with 60 tablets, and better value for money. With each container you have for two months.

> Turmeric 20.000 mg - Codes 8571-120 and 8571-60

Our Turmeric 10,000 mg product has been renamed Turmeric 20,000 mg. This is to simply reflect the fact that now the amount of the spice or plant used is 20,000 mg, and previously it was 10,000 mg. The extraction ratio (extract ratio) is now 40: 1, where before it was 20: 1, so each tablet continues to provide the same amount of 500 mg of turmeric extract with 95% curcuminoids or curcumin, which is the same value, concentration and quality that you have received so far in this product and what you expect from Lamberts®.

> Eyewise®. Pure Lutein 20 mg. - Code 8581-60

  • Our valuable product Eyewise now brings the double amount of pure Lutein per tablet.
  • In addition our formulation has been improved adding: Zinc 5 mg and 0.7 mg of Riboflavin.
  • Available late January 2016

> Turmeric - Code 8571-120 tab

For regular consumers benefit from turmeric 10,000 mg, in addition to the usual product code 8571-60, Lamberts has launched a package with twice amount of tablets (120 tablets)

  • Cheaper price per tablet.
  • More durability of the container.
  • More flexibility of selection
  • Available end of January 2016

> CoQ10 200mg - Code 8534-60

  • New blister presentation format.
  • Do not change the price.
  • Do not change the code.
  • Available end of January 2016.

> Improved Prostex® Formula - Code 8569-90

Product 8569-90 Prostex® with Saw Palmetto Extract change to contain full 320 mg of actual Beta sitosterols per 2 tablets and we use the highest quality available. Beside the nutrients on the formula we have added 10 µg of Vitamin D3

New Product is 8575-90 Prostex® with Beta sitosterols

> L-Cistein 500mg – Code 8307-90

Exits list reformulation temporarily. The ideal alternative for this product is N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC) 600mg -. 8308-90 Code which is the acetylated form of the amino acid Cysteine

> Strawberry Protein - Code 8334-6

The Strawberry Protein (180 grams) Code 8334 will be discontinued on April 2015. A good choice as an alternate product is Code 8333-750 Pea Protein 750 grams. This product offers a complete aminoacid profile with larger amount of protein per pot.

> Saw Palmetto Extract 320 mg - Code 8564-90

Is replaced by the new 8573-120 Saw Palmetto Extract 160 mg, adaptation to the regulations in the United Kingdom. The new product contains more capsules per pack (from 90 to 120). The final price is reduced from 44.95 to 27.80 Euros per container. Available NOW from the November 3, 2014.

> Vitamin D3 1000 IU - Code 8141-120

Will change from capsules to tablets and its code will be 8143-120. The concentration and the price does not change. Available from December 2014.

> Cinnamon 2.500 mg - Code 8572-60

Curcumin, Chlorophyllin Copper and Iron Oxide as inactive ingredients are added. The concentration is the same and the price does not vary. The package size is reduced. Now standardized extract: 100 mg of extract and 25: 1. The tablet color varies from light to light green brown. Available from July 2014. 8572-60

> Alpha Lipoic Acid - Code 8522-90

Increases Alpha Lipoic acid concentration compressed from 250 mg to 300 mg per tablet. Concentration more supported by scientific studies. The price does not change for you, Lamberts absorb the price increase. Increases the package size to be larger tablets. Now you get a profit of 50 mg per tablet Free! Available NOW. 8522-90.

> Multi Max - Code 8431-60

Change the merger of two of its active ingredients: Folic Acid 200μg passes, and Selenium 100ug passes. Available from November -. December 2014. 8431-60

> L-Lysine 500 mg - Code 8316-90

The content goes from 90 to 120 tablets per pack.  The price remains the same for you. Lamberts Española absorbs the cost increase. You will receive 30 tablets free! Available from the second half of December 2014. 8316-90.

> Maxi Hair - Code 8446-60

Is being delisting for re formulation. New Formula coming soon