Juan José Alarcón Laguia: Absolute Athelete

Lamberts Española sponsors and accompanies Juan José Alarcón since 2013.

Athlete of Absolute Category with the Numantino Athletics Sports Club, his tests are Heptalon in indoor track and outdoor Decathlon.

In 2018 he was 6th in the Absolute Spain Championship and ranks 7th in the national ranking by brand.

Juan Jose Alarcón con medallas

Juan José posing with some of the medals obtained

2018/2019 Season

This season Juanjo has had to stand for a time due to a fracture in the cake so he had no competition in everything he liked. Even so, as a good champion, trained and has delivered everything I have obtained obtaining very good results.

  • 12/15/2018: Absolute Autonomous Control And Master Of Careers Pc.
    • Salamanca 60m hurdles: 1st Series – 1st Championship
    • High jump: 4 60 m: 1st of the Series -4th of the Championship
  • 01/12/2019 AND 01/13/219: Cto. Autonomous Combined Tests Sub16-Sub20-Sub23 And Abs. – Salamanca. HEPTALÓN CLASSIFICATION: 4th PLACE
    • 60 meters: 6th
    • Long Jump: 1st
    • High Jump: 8º
    • Shot Put: 7th meters: 6º
    • 60 meters Fences: 2nd
    • Pole Throw: 3rd
  • 01/19/2019: I Castilla Y León Cup Of Absolute Clubs On Indoor Track
    • Long jump: 2nd
  • 01/26/2019: Castilla y León Senior And Sub23 Championship. Salamanca
    • 60 meters Fences: 1st Series – 6th Championship
    • High Jump: 7º
  • 02/02/2019: 38º Cto. Spain Of Men’s Clubs PC «COPA LALIGASPORTS» – San Sebastián.
    • Long Jump: 5th
  • 02/16/2019 and 02/17/2019: LV Absolute Spanish Championship on Indoor Track. Antequera
    • 60 meters: 4th
    • Long Jump: 5th
    • High Jump: 9º
    • Shot Put: 9º
    • 60 meters Fences: 6th
  • 06/07/2019: Survivors race. Vitoria
    • 7 km Obstacles: 1st Series.

2016/2017 Season

After the injury suffered on January 14 in Valladolid, Juanjo is recovering feelings thanks once again to his dedication and effort.

Indoor Track:

04/02/2017: Athletics Trophy Ibercaja City of Zaragoza  – 2nd Place, with a jump that is the season’s mark.

Outdoor Track:

04/29/2017: Competition, 1st  League Matchday  of Honor DIvision League , celebrated at José Serraima Stadium in Barcelona- Long Jump mode: 2nd place and surpassed only by the Olympic athlete Jean Marie Okutu, FC Barcelona.

Juano José Alarcón temporada 2017Juanjo pista cubierta temporada 2017












2015/2016 Season

Despite the fact that on January 10, Juanjo was injured in Valladolid: 4th and 5th metatarsals of trawling plantar fasciitis, his desire for struggle and improvement has led him to compete in different disciplines and in as many championships as he could Following history:

Outdoor Track:

  • 05/28/2016: International Meeting Valladolid – Trophy Ana Pérez: 3rd place
  • 04/30/2016: Club Championship 1st Division in Monzón: 2nd
  • 05/21/2016: 1st Division Club Championship in Soria: 1º
  • 04/06/2016: Control in Zaragoza: 1st place
  • 6/26/2016: Spain championship  Promise category  in Toledo: 6th place
  • 18/09/2016: Autonomic Promise in Xátiva: 1st place

Indoor Track:

  • 09/01/2016: Autonomous Control of Combined athletics event  in Soria:
    • 60m smooth: 3rd place
    • Height: 4th place
  • 19/12/2016: Autonomous Control in Valladolid:
    • 60m fences: 2nd
    • Length: 1st
    • Weight: 4º


2014/15 Season:

Change of training place, leaves the Residencia Blume de Madrid and arrives at the Center of high performance of Soria, to continue training and studying the studies of Physiotherapy.
Continue defending the colors of the Simply Scorpio of Zaragoza.

Indoor Track:

  • 07-2-2015 Autonomous Region of Castilla y León in Valladolid. Length: 1st place
  • Soria 11-1-2015: Autonomous Region of Castilla y León of Combined athletics event in Soria:
    • Absolute: 4th place
    • Promise: 2nd place
  • 15-2-2015: Spain championship of Combined athletics event category “Promise” in Antequera: 4th place
  • 22-2-2015: Spain championship of Combined athletics event category  “Absolute” in Antequera: 7th place

Outdoor Track:

  • 06/21/215: Autonomous Region of Castilla y León in Palencia. Length:
    • Promise: 1st place
    • Absolute: 3rd place
  • 13-6-2015: TROPHY CORPUS Auto de Toledo. Length: 2nd place
  • 05/17/2015: Burgos championship:
    • Length: 1st place
    • Disc Launch: 1st place
  • 02-8-2015:Spain championship of Combined athletics event “Decathlon” Absolute category, in Castellón: 12th place


2013/2014 Season:

Indoor Track:

  • 9/2/2014: Court of Spain of Indoor Track in Antequera: Combined Tests: 2nd Place
  • 12/1/2014: Aragón Championsship of Combined athletics event: 1st place

Outdoor Track:

  • 14/6/2014: Castilla la Mancha championship in Ciudad Real, Category, Absolute:
    • Long Jump: 2nd place
    • Weightlifting: 2nd place
  • 09/4/2014: Madrid University Championship. Length: 1st place
  • 07/06/2014: Spain Championship of Clubs in Zaragoza. Pole Vault: 2nd place

June 22 is injured: Breaking of the 5th metatarsal and pulling the tail of the same. That is the end of the season and a long process of recovery begins.


Ruben Dávila en la firma del patrocinio< 

Rubén Dávila, president of Lamberts Española, at the time of signing the sponsorship contract.