GOED Membership

GOED represents the worldwide EPA and DHA omega-3 industry, and our membership is built on a quality standard unparalleled in the market. Our mission is to increase consumption of EPA and DHA omega-3s, regardless of the source, and ensure that our members produce quality products that consumers can trust.

In addition to Friends of the See certification, as a second checkpoint, Lamberts also ensures that the suppliers we use are members of the industry organisation GOED (Global Organisation for EPA and DHA). Their focus is on the quality of products that reach end consumers.

GOED membership is unique in that members are required to adhere to its quality and ethical guidelines and maintain compliance for the duration of their membership. The GOED Voluntary Monograph is the industry benchmark for omega-3 quality and members with products within the scope of the monograph are required to uphold these quality standards.

Apart from stipulating the level of quality of the fish oil, the organisation insists that all members must abide by GOED’s Code of Ethics and Business Practices. GOED further supports our quality initiatives with a randomized testing program and the Lamberts ethos of responsible nutrition with the continued research into the health benefits of EPA and DHA. Further information can be found on their website: https://goedomega3.com/ 

Please be assured that we are always stiving for the best options when it comes to our materials, our formulations, our people and our planet. We were one of the first companies to proactively move away from using Marine (shark) Chondroitin in favour of bovine due to concerns over depletion of these amazing creatures.