Lamberts products manufacturing process in UK

It is common for many food supplements to be made in China or India to lower costs and only package and label the United Kingdom (UK) or other countries, omitting the actual country of manufacture, but consumers have every right to know where the food supplements they ingest are actually manufactured, regardless of where they are packaged and / or labeled.

The good news is that when you consume a LAMBERTS® product, you can be sure that its content is genuinely made in the UK under GMP Pharmaceutical Standards, from start to finish and these standards continue to apply throughout distribution until reach the consumer.

Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) is the systematization to ensure that products are manufactured and controlled continuously and covers all aspects of pharmaceutical production; from the selection of raw materials, premises and equipment, the training and hygiene of the personnel and extends to the finished product.

Without GMP it is impossible to be sure that each batch of supplements is of the same quality as the original and there is the risk of unexpected contamination, incorrect labels on the bottles and insufficient or excess ingredients and also missing ingredients. That is why we insist that all LAMBERTS® products are manufactured in facilities that operate to these strict GMP pharmaceutical standards.

All of our products are made in some of the UK’s most modern and technically advanced factories, operating to strict Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) pharmaceutical standards and approved by the Department of Health, Medicines and Health Products Regulatory Agency. (MHRA).

Therefore, if you have been recommended to consume LAMBERTS® products, you can be sure that you will take quality and safety products, endorsed by health professionals, and by our 39 years of experience marching at the forefront of responsible nutrition.