GMP Guaranty

The original LAMBERTS® product is genuinely made, packaged and labeled in the UK, under the GMP Pharmaceutical Standards from the beginning to the end, this being the best of the available controls to guarantee and ensure the quality and safety of the product to be consumed.

Although GMP Standards are not mandatory in the manufacture of food supplements, to give maximum guarantee and safety to professionals and consumers, our supplier since 1991 applies these expensive standards in the development of products. Therefore, no LAMBERTS® product that does not meet 100% of the quality and labeling specifications can be launch on the market.

Another good reason to choose LAMBERTS® products: guaranteed quality, safety and effectiveness.

What are the GMP Manufacturing conditions and requirements?

  • They are a control of quality established by the OMS, which implies QUALITY ASSURANCE. It is the best system to guarantee the quality of medicines and assure the quality of the product received.
  • They entail an integral control of the elaboration, from the selection of the raw materials, the suitable facilities, the techniques of elaboration, the clean equipment, the qualification of the personnel, the packaging, labels, transportation, storage and everything else that can affect directly or indirectly the quality of the product.
  • Our factory receives periodical, unannounced inspections carried out by the medicine section of the Department of Health in the United Kingdom, the organism in charge of controlling the application of these norms in England. They perform these inspections by taking various samples of different lots and analyzing them.
  • The application of the GMP norms is not mandatory for the production of Nutritional Supplements such as Lamberts products. In addition, being regulated by GMP standards is a very expensive process for the companies due to all the extra technical care and precautions that goes into the manufacturing of the products. Therefore, most manufacturers of nutritional supplements choose not operate under these standards.

Elaboration of the LAMBERTS® Product

Selection of the raw material of greater quality, potency and purity

  • We are the leading experts in nutrition, producing the highest quality products in some of the most modern and technically advanced factories in Europe. These operate to stringent pharmaceutical standards of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) as laid down by the UK Department of Health, Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA).
  • We have a team of buying experts who look for the best raw materials in their natural forms all around the world.
  • Analysis of the raw material: Each raw material comes to us with its corresponding Certificate of Analysis. Once in our laboratory several samples are taken and the potency of the substances is analyzed through HPLC (liquid Chromatography of hi-res). Later, the materials go through an examination designed to identify the existence of possible pesticides, herbicidal, microbial contamination, aflatoxines, fungi, dioxins, and polluting agents like heavy metals.

Automated manufacture, in one of the most modern and technologically advanced factories of Europe.

  • Diverse equipment is used in our fabric, like special mixers, machines for the encapsulation of the tablets, special containers, etc. All the machines are located in individual rooms, all which are kept extremely clean with controlled humidity and temperature, assuring a contamination free environment. Each machine before its use is sterilized to assure that there is no crossed contamination.
  • At LAMBERTS® we manufacture smaller lots of products more frequently; therere fore the consumer receives fresh products that have not been stored a long time.

Stability, disintegration and monitoring tests

  • Supervision Tests: they confirm that there aren’t any variations between the different lots and that the product is 100% faithful to the specified facts described in the label.
  • Tests of disintegration: they are conducted with water and to 37º C. The fact that our tablets are disintegrated with water indicates that acid conditions for the disintegration are not needed and the tablets are able to disintegrate in alkaline means. They guarantee that the tablet dissolves in the correct time, so that the correct absorption of the active ingredients takes place.
  • Tests of stability: they assure that the product contains 100% of the specified ingredients listed in the label during all its life utility.

No LAMBERTS® product enters the market without the corresponding documentation and authorization indicating that it fulfils the highest standards of quality.

Formulas guaranteed by scientific studies

Adequate dosage is the key to the success when used in nutrition and clinical fitotherapy. A professional can select the correct nutrients, but if he/she recommends the incorrect dosage the desired results will not be obtained.

  • LAMBERTS® products contain the correct substance proportions and doses, with the right amounts of potency and power, leading to fast and sure results: This means that we formulate our products with the dose of nutrients that scientific studies have demonstrated give the best therapeutic results. Our products do not have levels high or low, only exact.
  • In addition, whenever it is possible and convenient we prefer to offer our clients the correct dosage needed all in one tablet. This way our buyers get more for their money and are able to follow the treatment in a more easy and convenient way while still obtaining fast results.

Safe packages and of quality

Our products are packaged plastic bottles that are recyclable and disposable. The plastic assures maximum protection against atmospheric agents such as oxygen, humidity and light. The design of our bottles is a very simple one and is possibly less attractive commercially than others. This is because here at Lamberts we care about the quality of the content inside, putting emphasis on the quality of the raw material, not the appearance of the outside.


The quality of LAMBERTS® stands out in a market where most products frequently represent inexact amounts of dosage in their tablets and where nutritional supplements fall short of quality control. Our labels give the most exact nutritional information, detailing all the ingredients, active as much inactive WITHOUT OMISSIONS, so that each person can value the suitability of the selected product.

At LAMBERTS® we think that the quality begins in the label, for that reason are pioneers in the legal and safe labelling of nutritional supplements. We label our products according to the present regulations of the nutritional complements according to norms GMP.

All legal and safe labels must be divided in the following sections:

  • Nutritional Information: The product should always be classified into tablet, capsule, powder or liquid. All the nutrients must be related by their sequence in descendent weight and the used chemical configuration of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients.
  • Ingredients: All the related ingredients must appear listed on the labels, active as well as inactive, and they must appear separate so that each person knows EVERYTHING the product contains and can correctly evaluate its suitability. The consumers worried about allergic reactions must pay close attention to the list of ingredients to know exactly what is within the product. Labels that do not include a full and detailed list of ingredients are unsafe and illegal.
  • Precautions: Any known side effects must be informed in this section. For example, if a product contains phenylalanine, a warning must advice against the consumption of the product by fenilcetonúricos; if a product contains Iodine a notice must warn consumers with tiroid problems, etc.
  • Instructions: They are recommendations of use.
  • Expiration Date: The labels must indicate this clearly because the time of expiration indicates the period when the product has its highest potency and will be the most effective.
  • Lot number of manufacture: It is fundamental for fast and easy identification of the product.
  • Store in a fresh and dry place: All the food supplements must indicate their needed conditions of storage.
  • Authentication code of the product: Each product must be clearly identified with a number.
  • Number of capsules or tablets contained in the product.
  • Legend that warns: Keep away from children. All supplements must stay out of the hands of small children, especially those that contain iron.
  • Clear address of the manufacturer and distributor.

We guaranty what is indicated in our labels is in the product.

Absolutely no labelled LAMBERTS® product that does not comfy 100% with the quality specifications will be put in the market.

With LAMBERTS® you have total Guaranty of Quality, Security and Effectiveness!

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