Friend Of The Sea

Friend of the Sea is a non profit, non governmental international organization (NGO).

Friend of the Sea manages the Friend of the Sea scheme for the certification of products from sustainable fisheries and aquaculture.

It is the only international program which, with the same seal of approval, can potentially certify both wild-caught and farmed products following audits run by third party accredited certification bodies.

What is Friend of the Sea?

Friend of the Sea is an international non-governmental non-profit organization (NGO).

Friend of the Sea manages the Friend of the Sea certification system for products from sustainable fisheries and aquaculture.

It was founded in 2006 by the European director of the Dolphin project – Safe, Paolo Bray, who with this project has saved about 100,000 dolphins each year reducing mortality in tuna nets.

It is the unique program in the world which can certify with the same seal of approval products from both crops and wild catches after evaluations by third parties accredited as assessment bodies.

Several companies and fisheries around the world trust Friend of the Sea to conduct the assessment of its fishery and aquaculture products and to verify their origin in accordance with sustainability criteria with Friend of the Sea.

Friend of the Sea follows the FAO guidelines for the ecolabelling of fish and fishery products from marine capture fisheries. Specifically, the criteria Friend of the Sea also cumplien with Art.30 of the guidelines, only allowing certification of products from non-overfished stocks.

Today it is the leading organization in the world dedicated to the certification of sustainable seafood products, with a history of evaluating more than 10 million tons of capture products and 500 000 tonnes of crop products.

On the official website of the organization you can find all the information concerning this certification and what it implies.

In addition to Friends of the See certification, as a second checkpoint, Lamberts also ensures that the suppliers we use are members of the industry organisation GOED (Global Organisation for EPA and DHA). Their focus is on the quality of products that reach end consumers. More information.