LAMBERTS® authenticity

Lamberts Española SL, since 1989 Is the Sole Distributor of the Authentic Brand of Food Supplements LAMBERTS® The Professional Range.
Lamberts Española S.L. Has No Affiliate Company.
Address: Corazón de María 3, 28002, Madrid – Phone: 91 415 0497

WE ARE BEING IMITATED and although this is a compliment, let us be clear:

The product LAMBERTS® The Professional Range, the original:

  • Has not changed its name or logo.
  • Has not changed its labels images.
  • Has not changed their supplier or exclusive distributor, which remains Lamberts Española S.L.
  • Do not pack or label with any other name or brand name.
  • It is really manufactured in UK under GMP Pharmaceutical Standards.
  • Has all the GMP guarantee proved since 1991.

Lamberts Española, S.L. and Lamberts Healthcare Ltd. are not responsible or liable for any product different than LAMBERTS® The Professional Range imported from UK and launched on the market by Lamberts Española since 1989.

  • We place in your knowledge two important statements issued by our supplier Lamberts Healthcare Ltd (Original and authenticated translation) and our company.

Lamberts Healthcare

Official Translation

Lamberts Healthcare

Original (English)

Statement from

Lamberts Española