Our philosophy of healthcare is all about ‘sound’ science

  • Over 190 Lamberts® products in the range!
  • Lamberts® products, are free from palm oil.
  • Raw materials of the highest purity grade
  • No genetically modified ingredients.
  • Informative and accurate labels.Nothing is hidden.
  • Made in UK under GMP pharmaceutical standards.
  • Potency guaranteed. Highly absorbable nutrients.
  • Formulas made to effective potency in clinical studies.
  • All of our products are free from Aspartame.
  • Absolute honesty and transparency.

Just as natural nutrients embellish household plants, 
food supplements nourish our body.

Digestizyme®: Digestive enzymes Lamberts
Digestive enzymes: Digestizyme®
Zinc 15 mg. 180 tabs
Zinc 15 mg As Citrate. Superior absorbtion
Natural BetaCarotene Lamberts
Natural Beta Carotene 15mg
Cranberry 18.750 mg Lamberts
Cranberry Tablets 18,750 mg
Rhodiola Rosea 1200 mg extracto aportando 7.5 mg de Rosavinas Lamberts
Rhodiola Rosea 1.200 mg of plant

Lamberts Espanola since 1989 exclusively distributes ORIGINAL LAMBERTS® products in Spain and Gibraltar, with more than 190 orthomolecular nutritional supplements for optimal nutrition, in various categories such as: Vitamins, Minerals, Multi-Nutrient Formulas (Vitamin and Mineral Complexes), Amino Acids , Digestive Aids, Omega 3, 6 and 9 Essential Fatty Acids, Herbal Extracts, Sports Products and other nutrients, as well as a selection of pet products.

The distribution of our Food Supplements is done through duly authorized establishments throughout the country, which responsibly inform and advise the final consumer on the right supplement in each case.

During the summer period, we use a shipping service with temperature control (<25 degrees) to guarantee the quality and safety of our products (more detail).

We do not sell trough internet or directly to the consumer.(See selling points)

… at the Leading of Responsible Nutrition …