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This Christmas, a delicious gift for your pet !!

We could not forget these family members and friends when designing our Gift Packs for this Christmas.

For us, it means taking care of them and pampering them with the optimum nutrition: 21 vital nutrients + Omega 3 ULTRA in 2 products that in addition to avoiding deficiencies, will give your pet energy and vitality, well being for the body and the skin, as well as a brighter coat .

For them, a delicious candy or prize that they will enjoy tasting.

Products formulated by experts on the basis of good nutrition and designed to meet the needs of all sizes of dogs and / or cats.

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1 free Pill Box

Products that integrates de Pack

Omega 3 for Cats & Dogs (8996-120)These Omega 3 capsules will ensure your pet receives a regular intake of EPA and DHA fatty acids. These two nutrients are often missing from pet foods due to both cost and instability because these Omega 3s tend to go rancid when exposed to air, so dry ‘complete’ diets will contain little of these important nutrients.

Pet Nutrition for Dogs (8999-90): Our multi for dogs has been formulated by experts to ensure your dog receives all the essential micro-nutrients it needs for optimum health. It provides a wide range of vitamins and minerals including the antioxidant vitamins A, C and E as well as trace minerals such as zinc and selenium at levels unrivalled in many other pet formulas.

Price comparision table

Lamberts Pet Pack price comparision table

The Christmas offer is 35% discount over the Total PACK price (including VAT). You save 13.33 euros over the total price of the PACK with no offer.

Products Labels

Omega 3 ultra for pets properties

Pet nutrition properties

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    Lamberts Española, is since 1989 the sole distributor of LAMBERTS® products in Spain and Gibraltar. Quality and Security can be imitated, but not achieved.