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It is important to start each year conducting a "thorough cleaning" of our Body.

And for that reason, LAMBERTS® presents again in one of its Packs two products popularly known because they support the wellness of the digestive system and they face the enormous variety in the composition of the diet. During the holidays and end of year are frequent excesses of drinks and foods, which cause various gastrointestinal discomforts.

Excess weight, digestive problems, headaches, constipation / diarrhea, allergies, etc, means that we need to detoxify our organism to allow the body to remove toxins and restore intestinal flora.

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Products that integrate de Pack

  • Milk Thistle (8553-90): Milk thistle is one of the most extensively studied herbs today, with more than 300 scientific studies on chemical and application properties. It was introduced in the UK by herbalists in the sixteenth century for use in related snake bites, liver and gallbladder disorders. In Lamberts, we use a standardized extract of mature seeds, to ensure tablet 200 mg silymarin (the active ingredient of the Silybum marianum fruit). Suitable for Vegetarians. Ingredients: See product label
  • Ibisene (8558-180): Traditionally, the artichoke has been used to relieve the discomforts that present some people after meals in the upper abdomen or lower chest. The use of artichoke herbal was first described in the fourth century BC. There is evidence of its use is since the days of Egyptian civilization for food and medicinal purposes. The leaves the artichoke containing the active components, the most important is the cinarina. lbisene® artichoke is a standardized high concentration of 5% cynarin extract, which provides a significant amount of 16mg per tablet cynarin. Suitable for Vegans, Vegetarians and are all Lactose and Gelatin Free. Ingredients: See product label

Price comparision table

Depuratin Pack - Price comparision table

The Christmas offer is 35% discount over the Total PACK price (including VAT). You save 23.73 euros over the total price of the PACK with no offer.

Products Labels

Milk Thistle Properties

Ibisene Artichoke porperties

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